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Pride Legs

The final shot in my Scenes on Screens week features The Barefoot Sub who I first at Eroticon in 2019. Back then we briefly talked about doing some photos but we live a long way from each other and so it’s never happened. But like I said earlier in the week, the joy of this project is being able to photograph people who aren’t local to me and a few weeks back I got to hang outline with her and watch her tie her legs. I hope when ‘all this’ is over we get to do some photographs in real life as she has some incredible landscapes near her. Do check out her site for some fabulous photos in the wild.

February Photofest
Sinful Sunday

You Suck

“It’s on your face that I’m gonna sit
You can wiggle, you can jiggle your tongue on my clit.”
You Suck, Consolidated featuring The Yeastie Girls

If you don’t know this song then have a listen and then imagine university era Exposing40 and her friends, drunk on cider, tearing up the dance floor and yelling every word of this song as if their lives depended on it. Happy days!

This photo was taken on a happy day too. I’m looking forward to his face between my thighs as soon as it’s possible. I don’t think I’ll need to shout those words at him as angrily as The Yeastie Girls do though – he’s far more enthusiastic than the dude in that song!

Sinful Sunday
February Photofest

The rough with the smooth

For rather obvious reasons, many of the photos from my February Photo Fest outdoor theme come from last summer. For the final shot of the week and the Sinful Sunday texture prompt, here’s one of me pressed up against an old oak tree. Sadly I was pressing myself up again the tree because this is from my distance diaries series, but I’m looking forward to this summer and some forest fucking!

February Photofest
Sinful Sunday

Farewell forties…

…hello fabulous filthy fifties!

This Sinful Sunday is the last day of the fabulous Honey’s forties. If things had gone to plan a whole bunch of us would not be sat at home eating takeaways, playing games, chatting on Twitter (delete as appropriate), we’d be all partying hard together. And the photos definitely wouldn’t be at all remote!

But that’s not how things have gone so Honey’s birthday is another celebration that’s on the slate for later in the year. Happily, she and I only live a couple of miles apart so we’ll have a walk tomorrow and the weekend won’t be entirely Honey-free!

I’m very lucky that she lives so close. It means that even during this strangest of years, we’ve still managed to have some excellent adventures. I had a simply brilliant sunny afternoon with her and Jaffa, I very much enjoyed introducing her to an excellent person in my life and we giggled uncontrollably as we nearly got caught naked in a very busy cemetery!

Thank for being a fabulous friend, Honey. Sorry your 50th won’t be quite what you hoped for, but we’ll all definitely make up for it, just as soon as we can! And I just know you’re going to make the next decade your best yet!

Sinful Sunday


This isn’t the first time I’ve used a Japanese word to title a woodland post – the first time was with Shinrin-Yoku, a shot from mine and Molly’s first photo adventure.

Komorebi is a word that means the play of sunlight and shadows through trees. I tweeted this photo way back in April when I was on a lockdown walk. But after last weekend’s beach photo I feel like sharing another hopeful sunny photo so I’ve decided to give it a permanent home on the blog.

Sinful Sunday

Summer Silhouette

It’s probably a fool’s game to be reminiscing about summer photo adventures when we’re staring down the barrel of three months of 2020 extra time. But plotting new adventures for the times like this that will come again is likely to keep me feeling positive through the gloomiest days of winter.

Sinful Sunday

Hot Tits

Like many, I find myself home alone this Christmas (no sympathy needed, I’m having a lovely time!) so I adjusted the shopping order to be one person appropriate. Sainsbury’s, who for obvious reasons are having a run on their smaller portions, replaced my small pudding with one that serves eight!

@19syllables challenged me to use it as a flaming prop in a photo and suggested Hot Tits as a follow up to our Great Tits shot of a couple of weeks ago. And as you all know, I like to deliver on a challenge.

Sinful Sunday

Winter Blooms

Today most definitely felt like a day to treat myself to some beautiful flowers and it only seems right to let you enjoy them too. I was wavering between the original colour version or the sepia one. I like that you can pick out the blues of the thistle and eucalyptus in the top one but there’s something about the muted tones of the sepia that somehow matches this weekend’s mood. Which do you prefer?

Sinful Sunday
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