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I am…in my element

I tweeted a version of this image a couple of weeks ago but this is the shot I was saving for the blog. Here I am, naked, looking out over the countryside from a beautiful cabin nestled in the trees, camera at the ready. Yes, I am definitely in my element.

Sinful Sunday

A Light at the End of the Tunnel

If you follow me on Twitter you may well ha e seen me tweeting photos from a gorgeous cabin near Epping Forest.

It’s no secret that one of my favourite things to do is organise amazing outdoor photography adventures. Booking that place way back in the darkest hardest days of January was the best idea. Having that to think about and look forward to has been one of my lights at the end of this very long and very dark tunnel we’ve been in

It was chillier than I would have liked (especially at night!) and the forest was way busier than when I’ve been before but chilling out in beautiful surroundings was a tonic. It feels a very long time since I whiled away time just staring at a view and reading a whole book in a day. It was a luxury.

Sinful Sunday

The rough with the smooth

For rather obvious reasons, many of the photos from my February Photo Fest outdoor theme come from last summer. For the final shot of the week and the Sinful Sunday texture prompt, here’s one of me pressed up against an old oak tree. Sadly I was pressing myself up again the tree because this is from my distance diaries series, but I’m looking forward to this summer and some forest fucking!

February Photofest
Sinful Sunday

Weak Winter Sun

A couple of weeks ago I went for a frosty walk early one morning. The maze where I took this photo last January is closed (not much room for social distancing in the narrow hedgerows!) but I squeezed through a gap in the hedge and had the whole place to myself. I hunted out the bee and while I didn’t have the kit with me to reprise the bee man (makes me laugh when people refer to him as this!) shot, I did perch on it for a quick flash. There was no warmth at all in that weak winter sun but I love to see the golden glow on my skin and am looking forward to when the glow also comes with heat.

February Photofest

In the Pink

It’s time for my first guest of this month’s February Photo Fest. I bring you the fabulous and gorgeous Jaffa! If you pay close attention to his timeline (and why wouldn’t you?!) then you may recognise this shot as he tweeted it last summer. But until now it didn’t have a permanent home on the blog and, well, isn’t nice to see a flash of summer (and arse!) on the timeline? I can’t wait for summer 2021 photography adventures – they’re going to feel even sweeter this year!

February Photofest

Out on a limb

This is a photo from last June when Exhibit A and I had our first day out once the first lockdown started to ease. It felt like such freedom! There have already been some photos from that outing shared, on his site and here. It was such a perfect afternoon and I hope when this lockdown eases we all feel the same sense of joy that we felt last summer and we’re not just beaten down and nervous that it’ll all go wrong again.

This is a photo he took of me that I haven’t shared yet. It’s unlike me to edit out the lush green of a woodland photo but this photo definitely works better in black and white!

February Photofest

And so we begin…

For a year that has lasted for 17 years, February seems to have come round again very quickly. I was pondering a break from February Photo Fest this year. For me, so much of it is about the camaraderie and collaboration and I wasn’t sure if it would be the same embarking on it alone. But then I gave myself a talking to. Work is dull and desk-based at the moment and this will give the worst month of winter a creative red thread that’s sorely needed at the moment.

And I realised I am not doing this alone. I have many photos to share of me and others that haven’t been seen before that bring back happy memories when I look at them. There are still many photos to share from my Distance Diaries, which was my photography project from lockdown one. During this lockdown my project is Scenes on Screens, where I am using Zoom to photograph friends and lovers in their own homes. The project is enabling me to travel far further afield than I usually would in the name of Exposing40 and I have some amazing images to share with you later in the month.

As always my month will be broken down into four themes. This week is outdoors, week two will be song titles, week three is Scenes on Screens and the final week is going to be close ups and unusual angles of bodies.

So with no further ado, let’s get going. I’m kind of beginning at an end as I’m in a cemetery. But we know how much I love to hang out taking photos amongst dead people. This one was taken last summer in Camberwell Old Cemetery.

February Photofest
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