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Mirror Image

An entirely predictable image from me given that I use mirrors so much in my photography that they have their own tag on this blog!

This is a lazy post today as I’m hauling out one of the few distance diaries photos that haven’t yet found a home on the blog. I’m on a bit of hiatus with my photography at the moment as work is off the scale busy and I’m also isolating and doing house jobs in the lead up to my holiday.

I am looking forward to the warmer months rolling round so I can get out and about and naked in the wild with all my lovely photography friends!

Sinful Sunday

Morning Brew

This photo is really old now. It’s just an iPhone snap taken first thing in the morning 22 months ago but it’s the photo that kicked off my whole Distancing Diaries projects during the first lockdown.

The day I took this photo I had a hang out planned but both of us were feeling a bit feverish so we rain-checked. I sent him this photo as a placeholder. It was the 17th March 2020. There were a lot more placeholders before we were reunited in the summer!

This photo is such an informal snap that I never expected to use it on the blog but then I saw Floss’s new SWAP meme and the first prompt was mugs and hot drinks so here we are. It’s nice to have a new prompt on the block! I’m combining it with my Sinful Sunday this week and also dropping the Boob Day badge (did you know Boob Day is back and at Molly’s place?) but hopefully I might rediscovered my writing mojo this year and use some of the prompts for writing.

Sinful Sunday
Boob Day

Pina Colada

Today is International Pineapple Day! According to Difford’s Guide (for discerning drinkers!) the word pineapple was originally used to describe the reproductive organs of the conifer tree (pine cones) and the spiky fruit was so named due to resemblance.

I can’t remember how I found out this date existed but I’ve had it up my sleeve as a reason to use this photo, which comes from the lockdown distance diaries project.

Sinful Sunday

One Year On

There’s been so much ‘this time last year’ chat this week, offline and online. One whole year! It’s so strange reflecting on the past 12 months and all the things that have and haven’t happened.

It also means that it’s a year since I started my distancing diaries photo project. Had I known that it would reach 122 daily images before I signed off for the summer of freedom, I may not have started it, but I’m very glad I did. Once the winter lockdown season kicked in I moved on to my Scenes on Screens project.

I’ve been very happy to have these two projects this last year but this weekend I’ve been plotting two photo adventures for later in April when we have more freedom and I am so excited for being out and about with real people in locations that aren’t my flat or my computer screen.

This was the photo that I sent a year ago today.

Sinful Sunday


And before you know it, here we are at the end of February. February Photo Fest is closed for another year.

As ever, it was nice to have something creative go focus on during this cold grey month – even more so this year. I’m happy I managed to get the usuals spirit of collaboration into my month, by using archive photos and through my Scenes on Screens week, although I hope hy next year I’ll be able to do the usual in person photo adventures. Thank you to everyone who took part and allowed me to grace the pages of this blog with their naked forms.

This is the last shot in my close ups and unusual angles week. Do you know what you’re looking at?

February Photofest
Sinful Sunday

The rough with the smooth

For rather obvious reasons, many of the photos from my February Photo Fest outdoor theme come from last summer. For the final shot of the week and the Sinful Sunday texture prompt, here’s one of me pressed up against an old oak tree. Sadly I was pressing myself up again the tree because this is from my distance diaries series, but I’m looking forward to this summer and some forest fucking!

February Photofest
Sinful Sunday

And so we begin…

For a year that has lasted for 17 years, February seems to have come round again very quickly. I was pondering a break from February Photo Fest this year. For me, so much of it is about the camaraderie and collaboration and I wasn’t sure if it would be the same embarking on it alone. But then I gave myself a talking to. Work is dull and desk-based at the moment and this will give the worst month of winter a creative red thread that’s sorely needed at the moment.

And I realised I am not doing this alone. I have many photos to share of me and others that haven’t been seen before that bring back happy memories when I look at them. There are still many photos to share from my Distance Diaries, which was my photography project from lockdown one. During this lockdown my project is Scenes on Screens, where I am using Zoom to photograph friends and lovers in their own homes. The project is enabling me to travel far further afield than I usually would in the name of Exposing40 and I have some amazing images to share with you later in the month.

As always my month will be broken down into four themes. This week is outdoors, week two will be song titles, week three is Scenes on Screens and the final week is going to be close ups and unusual angles of bodies.

So with no further ado, let’s get going. I’m kind of beginning at an end as I’m in a cemetery. But we know how much I love to hang out taking photos amongst dead people. This one was taken last summer in Camberwell Old Cemetery.

February Photofest
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