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Breakfast on Me

I’m still sending a photo a day to those I can’t be naked with for a while. Having had symptoms already, I went into self-isolation a week before lockdown started so it’s been three weeks already. I’m still loving the daily creative endeavour but I’m also bloody-minded – I think three weeks is in deep enough now for me to not give up, even if I get bored at times!

In order for the photo that got chosen for today to fit with this month’s food and drinks prompt I had to make every photo last week themed. It’s only two months since my food theme on February Photo Fest so it felt quite soon to be doing strange things with fruit and veg again!

The person who I asked to pick their favourite this week chose this one and one involving a pineapple. The croissant felt more appropriate to Sunday breakfast so I’ll save the pineapple for another time. One thing’s for sure – if I do keep this up I’m going to be sorted for next February super early!

Sinful Sunday


If you saw last week’s post you’ll know that I’m doing a photo a day during lockdown. At the moment I’m really enjoying the daily dose of creativity and so far they’re being well-received. Not sure how I’ll be by the time we’re out of this though; I did joke to one recipient that after three months I may be sending photos of out of control chin hair and chipped toe nails!

One of the things I’m doing is putting the decision on which of the seven photos gets my Sinful Sunday spot out to the recipients. This week Exhibit A got the decision making baton. When I asked him for his pick of the week/pic of the week he replied: “do you even need to ask??” and sent this one back to me. *sigh*

I did tweet it earlier in the week as an outtake but I wasn’t expecting it to have a permanent home on my blog, but you can’t change the rules of a game once it’s started just because you don’t like the outcome. So here I am, wedged naked between my exercise ball and the wall, legs akimbo. To be fair, this photo had created a lot of amusement this week. Even my mother has received it!

Sinful Sunday


What rapid adjustments we have all made in such a short space of time. In a world where years race by, it turns out that a week can feel like a very long time. Such seismic changes to our normal lives we are all accommodating.

At the moment I’m feeling ok. I’m a hardwired optimistic and by nature a problem solver and planner. I’m choosing to see more opportunities for my business than threats, I kind of like being forced to slow down and I’m finding genuine joy in the ways friends and neighbours are using technology to stay connected and support each other. Don’t get me wrong, I definitely do not think this is a good thing, but my way of coping is to find solutions. One of those, by the way, has been to volunteer as a Red Cross community reserve volunteer; you might find it helps you too.

Of course, one of the things that I’m not looking forward to so much is the lack of sex! It’s definitely a bit weird not knowing when I’m next going to be naked with another person. Ten days ago I was looking up exhibition tickets for an April date night, today I was dusting off my remotely operated WeVibe for use during digital date nights! One of the things I’m doing to stay connected to those I have love or lust for is sending a daily photo. A photo a day is going to create an epic stock for future Sinful Sunday and February Photo Fests! This is the best one from week one of physical distancing.

Sinful Sunday

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