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Screen Time

For the single subject prompt I bring you yet another photo from my lockdown photo project. Sometimes I spent a lot of time working to realise an idea, sometimes I went walking, knowing I’d be taking a photo along the way but with no idea in mind. Then there were the times late at night where I thought ‘Fuck! I haven’t taken today’s photo!’ This is one of them. The time stamp on this image is 22.26. I was still at my desk. I whipped off my top, turned off the light so I was lit just by the light of the screen and snapped a one take shot. Then it was back to work.

Sinful Sunday


Many of you will already have seen this photo on Twitter but I wanted it to have a permanent home on the blog so I’m making it this weekend’s Sinful Sunday.

I’m in the final few days of my daily lockdown photo project and I decided that the last ten days would be a victory lap of the most common themes that have come up over the 17 weeks. Food has been a common theme so as this week was Exhibit A‘s birthday I decided to turn myself into a birthday cake for him.

Sinful Sunday


The prompt for this week’s Sinful Sunday came out literally the day after I took this photo so it was one of those rare occasions when I knew immediately what I’d use for prompt week.

Imagining it being hot enough to play with ice is hard to do as I sit here in June with my heating on though!

Sinful Sunday


The person who chose this week’s Sinful Sunday said he loved how you can “really feel it.” I’m looking forward to the time when I’ll be able to feel his hand grabbing and squeezing me, not my own.

Sinful Sunday


Today I left home planning to head to some woods where I think there maybe some bluebells. But for no reason I can explain I suddenly thought: ‘I want to go to a cemetery.’

I love cemeteries. I have no idea why. I first photographed one in 1995 when I was still at university and I’ve visited many in cities around the world since. They even have their own tag on my blog! Today I went to West Norwood, one of London’s Magnificent Seven. This is the fourth I’ve shot nudes in and, of course, I now need to visit the last three.

This is day 45 of my daily lockdown photo endeavour. The days where I resent it are increasing (it’s hard coming up with new ideas to shoot solo in a two bedroom flat!) but I also love it. It’s a little thing that keeps a red thread of creativity in my lockdown experience and I value the daily contact with the recipients. The photo I actually sent them earlier had a slight edit applied – a sepia tone that suited the vine-covered mausoleum. But this is the unedited version, straight out of the camera – complete with the shadow of my glasses on my cheek!

Sinful Sunday

Tit Wank

Lockdown continues and so my daily photos continue. I started this on day three of my own self-isolation so there’s been 33 photos to date. Pretty sure there’ll be at least another 33!

Some days I have an idea in advance and I set about creating it but most days I just grab my phone and let some spontaneous inspiration strike. On Monday I noticed my Godemiche Adam lying on the bed and this was the result. This was the first shot, which I initially thought was for the bin and took a second with my hair out of the way. I then realised it was much better with the hair.

I gave American Chap the decision on what today’s Sinful Sunday would be, but I didn’t really need to ask him as I knew which one he’d choose – he’s a much bigger fan of this kind of photo than when I come over a bit ‘arty farty’. But I did check in with the other two recipients and they both would have picked this one too. The first unanimous result!

Sinful Sunday

Digital Delights

A temporary change in the rules of play this Sunday. So far during lockdown my Sinful Sunday has been chosen by one of the recipients of my daily photos from the shots I have sent over the previous seven days. But I do love an opportunity to theme my posts so even though this is the photo they’ve had today it’s also going straight on the blog.

Happy Easter everyone. I hope you have woken up to some treats from the Easter bunny, whether they’re tangible treats or digital delights!

Sinful Sunday
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