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Hot Tits

Like many, I find myself home alone this Christmas (no sympathy needed, I’m having a lovely time!) so I adjusted the shopping order to be one person appropriate. Sainsbury’s, who for obvious reasons are having a run on their smaller portions, replaced my small pudding with one that serves eight!

@19syllables challenged me to use it as a flaming prop in a photo and suggested Hot Tits as a follow up to our Great Tits shot of a couple of weeks ago. And as you all know, I like to deliver on a challenge.

Sinful Sunday

O Christmas Tree

O Christmas Tree! O Christmas Tree!
Much pleasure thou can’st give me;
How often has the Christmas tree
Afforded me the greatest glee!
O Christmas Tree! O Christmas Tree!
Much pleasure thou can’st give me.

Scenes on Screens is back this weekend I bring you the gorgeous Maria and her utterly delightful Christmas tree. It glistens with the antique glass baubles that Maria found in the antic of the house she bought a few years ago. What a lucky find!

Sinful Sunday

Great Tits

Earlier this week @19syllables and I headed out for a walk and a picnic in the woods. We wandered for quite a while and didn’t think we were going to get a shot but then at the last minute we stumbled across a bird hide and hopped inside and got the camera out. We shot a frame each and then with a bit of photoshop magic from a friend of mine we magically appeared in the same scene at the same time!

Sinful Sunday


Today’s photo should really be a Scenes on Screens image but in the last week I forgot about two different plans I had tentatively made. Damn heavy workloads and lockdown for creating a sieve of my memory as I’m keen to see both the men in question naked as soon as possible.

I was all ‘oops, never mind, a week off won’t hurt‘ about it until about 4pm this afternoon when I suddenly realised my current Sinful Sunday streak started on 15th March, the weekend this sorry chapter really kicked off. So here I am, sliding in with a late offer which comes from my first lockdown project. Don’t you think the light and shadow across my chest looks like a butterfly?

I have a few folk lined up for Scenes on Screens so that will be back soon – I expect there’ll be a flurry of creativity over the Christmas holidays when I’m not spending so much time on the screen during the working week!

Sinful Sunday

Screen Time

For the single subject prompt I bring you yet another photo from my lockdown photo project. Sometimes I spent a lot of time working to realise an idea, sometimes I went walking, knowing I’d be taking a photo along the way but with no idea in mind. Then there were the times late at night where I thought ‘Fuck! I haven’t taken today’s photo!’ This is one of them. The time stamp on this image is 22.26. I was still at my desk. I whipped off my top, turned off the light so I was lit just by the light of the screen and snapped a one take shot. Then it was back to work.

Sinful Sunday


Many of you will already have seen this photo on Twitter but I wanted it to have a permanent home on the blog so I’m making it this weekend’s Sinful Sunday.

I’m in the final few days of my daily lockdown photo project and I decided that the last ten days would be a victory lap of the most common themes that have come up over the 17 weeks. Food has been a common theme so as this week was Exhibit A‘s birthday I decided to turn myself into a birthday cake for him.

Sinful Sunday
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