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(Not so) Golden Hour

For Throwback Thursday on light and shadow week I thought I would have a play with the photo I originally used here. I’m wanted to see what that arc of light and the glare of the setting sun looked like if it was a little darker. I like it. Not as much as the gorgeous golden glow of the original, but I still like it.

February Photo Fest 2023

Light and Shadow

Week three of February Photo Fest already! Where does the time go?! We done flowers, we’ve done woods and water so now we are onto light and shadow. We love a bit of that don’t we?

Starting off with me at the seafront in Folkestone. I’m actually at the back of the archway, cave (what would you call it?!) where we took this photo and the sun is pitching in from above.

February Photo Fest 2023


Today is day one of February Photo Fest. It’s also Imbolc, a traditional Gaelic and pagan festival marking the start of spring. Yes, I was surprised when I learnt that too!

The calendar used to be divided into six week cycles rather than quarters (a lot to do with farming cycles apparently and Imbolc is the start of lambing season) and 1st February is halfway between the winter and spring equinoxes. The March equinox is in fact the midway point of spring, not the start of it so it’s really the 1st February where we can start to celebrate colour coming out of the darkness. Kind of makes you think differently about February doesn’t it?

This fact chimes well with what I’ve always enjoyed about February Photo Fest; at the start of the months it feels like we are truly in the depths of winter but by the time we close the books on another month of photos it really does feel like real spring is here.

Any long time followers of mine will know I like to theme each week of my February Photo Fest. So despite only deciding to join in yesterday I have given myself the added challenge of coming up with four sets of themed shots. This week is flowers. The plan for future weeks is woods, buildings/architecture and journeys. We’ll see how this all pans out shall we. Thanks for coming along for the ride!

February Photo Fest 2023

Five Floors Up

Work has me travelling again which means photos and messages from hotel rooms are flying between me and others again.

Thursday, 07.24: “Imagine fucking against that window? Palms pushed up against it. All the traffic passing below, nobody realising the show that’s five floors up.

Sinful Sunday

Skeleton Leaf

On Friday afternoon @19syllables and I spent a gorgeous couple of hours sat around Honey’s fire pit drinking tea and eating cake. 19s promptly started fishing skeleton leaves out of the pond and laying them out of dry.

“If I fall in you’re not allowed to laugh,” she said. “If you fall in I will laugh so hard I’ll let out a little bit of wee,” I replied. She didn’t fall in. I took a dried leaf away and promised to do a photo with it.

Sinful Sunday


Today, Scenes on Screens is going from the dark moodiness of yesterday’s Goth Tits to the vibrancy of Ruth’s propagator! I love the life and colour in this photo. I’ve become a bit of a paranoid plant parent during this third lockdown so as well it being fun to catch up with Ruth and get this photo it was also reassuring to be on the receiving end of her matter of fact gardening wisdom! My takeaway was some things will inevitably die so don’t worry about it! Do check out her fab February Photo Fest too!

February Photofest

Goth Tits

You may think that Scenes on Screens is such a new project that there couldn’t possibly be a Throwback Thursday. WRONG! I started this project in lockdown two and back in November Missy sat for this shot. We’ve been in this interminable pandemic soup for so long I have remote images that quality for Throwback Thursday!

The title for this post comes from an excellent Twitter thread about birds named by humans who hate them. Honestly, if you didn’t see it at the time I suggest you check it out!

February Photofest
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