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Today’s photo should really be a Scenes on Screens image but in the last week I forgot about two different plans I had tentatively made. Damn heavy workloads and lockdown for creating a sieve of my memory as I’m keen to see both the men in question naked as soon as possible.

I was all ‘oops, never mind, a week off won’t hurt‘ about it until about 4pm this afternoon when I suddenly realised my current Sinful Sunday streak started on 15th March, the weekend this sorry chapter really kicked off. So here I am, sliding in with a late offer which comes from my first lockdown project. Don’t you think the light and shadow across my chest looks like a butterfly?

I have a few folk lined up for Scenes on Screens so that will be back soon – I expect there’ll be a flurry of creativity over the Christmas holidays when I’m not spending so much time on the screen during the working week!

Sinful Sunday

The Shadowlands

We are shadows thrown upon the wall.

We are images, what others see;

How we see ourselves, true-

Or what we think we perceive

Or what we want to be.

The Shadowlands by Edward Steinhardt

A year ago today Missy and I were out on the wiley windy moors getting some truly expansive photos. A year on that freedom and carefree spirit feels a ling way away. But to the anniversary of our adventure I asked Missy if she’d like to be my Scenes on Screens subject this week. Happily she was game!

I had in my mind a dark stark shadowy image and she certainly helped me achieve that. By chance her own post this week is some monochrome magic. Very different images to this time last year but as equally complementary.

Sinful Sunday


Anyone who follows me knows just how much I love photographing in cemeteries. The crumbling headstones and roaming ivy just make the most magnificent setting for soft naked bodies. Of all of London’s Magnificent Seven Nunhead is my favourite – it is just so wild and overgrown and a photography dream. This is a shot of Maria from when she was in London a few years ago. It was nice to revisit the photos to pick out one I hadn’t used before. It was in that cemetery that I took this photo which is one of my favourite photos of my five years of blogging.


These days vagary is most commonly used when we talk about the vagaries of a situation, meaning an unpredictable or erratic occurrence. But the etymology of the word is vagari, the Latin word for wander.

This weekend’s subject is @lovelustlondon. This coming Wednesday he’ll be joining club 40 and he should be enjoying a vagari in Tibet but due to the vagaries of 2020 he’s not!

This shot was taken a few years ago when we took an early morning walk in Richmond Park. We are going to do a new shoot for his 40th but much like a lot of 2020 it’s on hold until 2021. When spring rolls around we’ll take a day trip somewhere out of the city and get some truly celebratory shots, but until then you can feast your eyes on this one!

Sinful Sunday


One of my favourite things about hanging out with a partner is not just the sex (although obviously that’s the best bit!), it’s the downtime between fucking. Idle chat, kissing and stroking with no immediate intent, bacon sandwiches in bed. It’s in those moments that I’ll often grab my camera to capture a moment. This was one of those moments – him stood in profile against my dark wall, drinking tea, not immediately realising I was taking a photo.

Sinful Sunday

Screen Time

For the single subject prompt I bring you yet another photo from my lockdown photo project. Sometimes I spent a lot of time working to realise an idea, sometimes I went walking, knowing I’d be taking a photo along the way but with no idea in mind. Then there were the times late at night where I thought ‘Fuck! I haven’t taken today’s photo!’ This is one of them. The time stamp on this image is 22.26. I was still at my desk. I whipped off my top, turned off the light so I was lit just by the light of the screen and snapped a one take shot. Then it was back to work.

Sinful Sunday


This week I decided to do my take on the #GettyMuseumChallenge (if you haven’t seen it, check out the hashtag – there’s some excellent interpretations) and recreate seven photographs by great photographers.

In the end I found the exercise a little bit frustrating at times. I kept choosing photograph of women with completely different body shapes to mine and then wondering why I couldn’t do accurate interpretations. In the end I relaxed into an ‘influenced by…’ mindset rather than true recreations.

It was Exhibit A’s turn to choose my Sinful Sunday this week and he opted for this one. The original shot, Nude by Edward Weston, features in just about every book of photography nudes I own and constantly crops up in articles. I think it’s a great photo, but reading this week that “the image has since been declared a Modernist paragon for its extraordinary investigation of the human body” just makes me do a massive eye roll at the waffly bollocks of art commentary!

Sinful Sunday

Pucker up

What a strange time we are living in. Right about now many of us would have just laughed and cried and squirmed our way through the Sunday lunchtime readings at Eroticon. What a difficult decision our wonderful Molly had to make on Thursday but it was absolutely the right one and I hope she knows how much love and support there is out there for her.

It’s been an unusual weekend – there’s been moments of pure joy spent with people who travelled to London anyway but those moments have been tinged with strangeness and sadness. I look forward to when we can all get together in our big group again and pucker up for some delicious kisses. Until then we have our nudes and our words.

Sinful Sunday
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