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Love and Lust in the Time of Lockdown

I think we can all agree that lockdown is really fucking strange. Sometimes a day feels like a week, other times a week feels like a day. Is it really six weeks since I last kissed or hugged another person? In truth it doesn’t feel that long because in many ways I feel more connected to the people who are important to me than ever before.

Saturday coffee mornings with my Mum and Aunt, Friday night pub with some of my oldest dearest friends, weekly lunches with a group of brilliant fellow consultants who offer professional solidarity and friendship. Because of video chat I’m actually seeing some people far more frequently than I would in the normal course of things. Of course, Zoom will never replace the joy of being in the same room as your loved ones, hugging them, cwtching up on the sofa, sitting in companionable silence, but at the moment it’s allowing us to still come into each other’s lives and homes.

Another thing that’s increased is my photo taking. As I approach day 40 of my photo a day project I can’t believe that 28 (or 29!) days of photos for February Photo Fest ever felt like a long time. This project continues to delight me (and the recipients, I think!) and even on the days I curse it because I’m busy with work or the photos are not coming out as I want them to I am still relishing the daily creative endeavour.

I’ve never been someone who needs or wants daily contact with partners and lovers and I’m sure once this is over we’ll all slip back into less frequent contact but while I’m home alone the daily contact is part of my landscape of joyful things. I love the positive messages (sometimes horny growly ones, sometimes thoughtful ones about the photo merits) and photos that come back to me. It might not surprise you to hear that the photo below resulted in more horny growly messages, but I’m really happy with the photo merits too!


Having an extra day in February really messes with having four themed weeks doesn’t it? But then @19syllables reminded me of my trampolining photos from last summer. Hurrah! So here I am leaping for joy at our extra day! Shame the sky doesn’t look like this today!

Thank you to everyone who has commented on and shared and laughed along with my sometimes ridiculous photos. And biggest thanks to all the participants in my February Photo Fest for getting so enthusiastically involved – I definitely couldn’t have done it without you! <cue the the music> <dabs eyes>

Until next time, au revoir!

February Photofestheight=”2560″>

Awesome Arse

Wednesday was naughty netballer, today is awesome arse. I may not be tired of the photography but my title tank is running on empty. Day seven of sports week is baseball and for your viewing pleasure may I present the wonderful Exhibit A.

As you might expect from a sports junkie like EA, he had some pretty fab ideas for my sports week prompt. Some of which haven’t even been taken yet so who know, maybe there’ll be another sports week next year? As someone who truly thinks golf is the most boring game in the world I didn’t expect to have my mind changed but with some expert positioning he even managed to make that game super hot. One of the photos is being used for Kayla’s next Masturbation Monday prompt.

Then he knocked it out of the park with this one. I must confess, until a couple of days ago I was intending to use that photo because it’s so amazing I wanted it on my site too. But I was overlooking a couple of others we shot at the same time so in the spirit of sharing as much of that day’s productivity as possible, here’s a new photo for you to admire.

February Photofest

Naughty Netballer

Interdependency: the quality or condition of being interdependent, or mutually reliant on each other.

Just three more days of February Photo Fest left and what a daft month it’s been here on Exposing40. Normally by the end of February I’m hanging out for it to all be over but not this month – I’m really going to miss it!

Maybe this is because I was organised (all bar one photo was taken by the end of January) but actually I think it’s because it’s been so much bloody fun posting the photos every morning and laughing at all the responses to them through the day.

This month was without doubt entirely dependent on the sense of humour and goodwill of my friends. Exposing40 would not be what it is without joyful collaboration. I hope all the people who grace these pages know they can depend on me and this little space for continuing ridiculous antics and rambunctious celebration of bodies.

February Photofest

Wicked Wednesday... a place to be wickedly sexy or sexily wicked

Hole in One

We’re in the last week of February Photo Fest and my final theme is sport. Yesterday I kicked the week off (and marked the fifth anniversary of my blog) with a naked run in the woods.

Today we have the turn of another photo I’ve been itching to share. This golf tee/ball/club combination has already made an appearance a couple of times over at The Other Livvy’s place but today it’s being gripped between butt cheeks not lips. Today the golfing play has moved to Honey’s bunker but I’m sure you’ll agree it’s another hole in one for these props!

Sinful Sunday
February Photofest

Happy Birthday, blog!

Five years ago today I published my first post. Exactly three hundred posts later (I didn’t aim for a round number for my anniversary, that’s just chance!) here I land at the ‘wood’ anniversary.

So to celebrate five years and to kick off sports week on my February Photo Fest here’s a photo of me running naked in the woods. Ordinarily I’d write some long wafflely words about what a ride it’s been and how much all you folk mean to me, but I have a four-year-old niece who wants to see some dinosaurs so I need to dash!

Here’s to five more years. Will I need to change my name to Exposing50?

Fat Bottomed Girls

So, the eagle-eyed among you will realise I’ve gone slightly off brief here. You see, this is meant to be album cover week and Fat Bottomed Girls by Queen was a single not an album. But having trawled five years of archives for today’s Throwback Thursday I realised that I hadn’t once done an album-themed photo. So a single it has to be!

February Photofest
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