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Goth Tits

You may think that Scenes on Screens is such a new project that there couldn’t possibly be a Throwback Thursday. WRONG! I started this project in lockdown two and back in November Missy sat for this shot. We’ve been in this interminable pandemic soup for so long I have remote images that quality for Throwback Thursday!

The title for this post comes from an excellent Twitter thread about birds named by humans who hate them. Honestly, if you didn’t see it at the time I suggest you check it out!

February Photofest

The Unmentionables

Photographing people in real life is a joy but it’s rather limited to the people in my vicinity. Our community has brought me many friendships that are too far afield for us to be able to casually drop a photo adventure into a day. Until pandemic times!

In the shit storm of this year, many good things have occurred and I definitely count Scenes on Screens as one of them. If I hadn’t been forced into finding new ways to keep the collaborative creativity of this blog alive I would not have spent so much time popping into people’s homes across the UK and around the world.

Last night I spent a happy hour hanging out with the delicious Unmentionable and Mr Unmentionable. This was our favourite shot but there’s more that will undoubtably appear here or on their timelines at some point.

February Photofest


Chionophile: from the Greek words for snow (chion) and phile (lover of), a chionophile is someone who loves and thrives in cold weather.

Week three of February Photo Fest and we move onto my Scenes on Screens week, where all the images will be photos that I have taken of other people. They are in their environments and I’m photographing them through my laptop using a Zoom link.

I’m starting with this photo of the delightful Tabitha Rayne. We took this on Friday when both her patch of Scotland and my bit of South London was gleaming white. I’ve woken up today to grey and rain all the snow is gone. By the weekend we have sunshine and 16 degrees forecast. I though I better get the snowy shot in early while it still feels timely!


February Photofest


You Suck

“It’s on your face that I’m gonna sit
You can wiggle, you can jiggle your tongue on my clit.”
You Suck, Consolidated featuring The Yeastie Girls

If you don’t know this song then have a listen and then imagine university era Exposing40 and her friends, drunk on cider, tearing up the dance floor and yelling every word of this song as if their lives depended on it. Happy days!

This photo was taken on a happy day too. I’m looking forward to his face between my thighs as soon as it’s possible. I don’t think I’ll need to shout those words at him as angrily as The Yeastie Girls do though – he’s far more enthusiastic than the dude in that song!

Sinful Sunday
February Photofest

My Favourite Plum

My favourite plum
Hangs so far from me
See how it sleeps
And hear how it calls to me.”
Suzanne Vega, My Favourite Plum

My good friend Jedi Hamster is a mine of pop trivia (though she has this weird idea that the German version of 99 Balloons is best so is not 100% trustworthy! 😝) so when I was stuck for ideas on my song title week I turned to her.

I didn’t know this song but when I looked at the lyrics I laughed out loud. What an excellent unintentional troll of lockdown celibacy. As well as the lyrics above we have “it will be so sweet, I’ve been so dry” and many more – have a read! It’s a brilliantly horny set of lyrics! As Suzanne sings, I am indeed right here and while I’m not longing endlessly, I am very much looking forward to tasting my favourite plums!

February Photofest
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