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Peppered Herring

As I mentioned in my first post of this ‘tribute’ week, Guy Bourdin was the first photographer I used to influence one of my photos, way back in April 2015.
Today I have chosen one of his more ridiculous images to copy. I didn’t get a whole fresh fish though. I got some peppered herring out of the freezer! After finishing my photo I zizzed it up with some natural yoghurt and horseradish sauce to make a very tasty pate!
Photo 13-02-2018, 11 58 30Photo 10-02-2018, 22 38 29

February Photofest
Sinful Sunday


Oh, how I love Wolfgang Tillmans. His pro-EU poster campaign was a cherry on the cake but he already had my heart. He won it with his photos of men. Men sucking cocks, men pissing, men wanking in the woods, men writhing naked in the sand dunes, men with their hands disappearing up other men’s running shorts. They are filthy and they are hot as fuck. I put two of Tillmans’s photos in this round-up of my favourite male nudes.
Today we have Exhibit A as ‘Dan’, a photo that is ten years old this year. Art critic Maura Callahan, appraised the shot saying: “The photograph is erotic though not pornographic, potent though not overtly sexual...It’s not that we’re blocked from seeing his genitalia; it’s that we’re spatially in motion but physically static. It’s some kind of tease.”
I first pinged the photo to him about three years ago when I started this blog. At the time he was unconvinced about his ability to hold the position. This week I asked again! For someone who’s not a yogi he had mighty fine balance (although we already know that!). The light in his back garden wasn’t on our side, with all the walls in bright sunlight and him dipped down into the shadows. The biggest impact of that is he looks much less of a red head than usual and doesn’t touch the original Dan’s gingerness! But even though I am being fussy about the light I am still really happy we got this shot for my tributes week.
Photo 15-02-2018, 13 33 17Photo 14-02-2018, 12 13 54

February Photofest


If you don’t already know the work of Sally Mann then I urge you to lose yourself in her site for a while – her work is really very beautiful.
She is best known for her Family Pictures series, which features her children playing in the family’s remote summer cabin. It caused controversy at the time as her children are naked in many of the photos and she was accused of promoting child pornography and reneging on her parental responsibilities. She has said that when her daughter saw her own photograph with modest stickers applied without Mann’s consent she asked her Mum what was wrong with her. I also really love her Proud Flesh series which captures the changes in her husband’s body as his muscular dystrophy progresses.
The photo I have chosen to pay tribute to today is at the bottom of this post and is from her haunting Faces series. This was actually a pretty quick and dirty shot, lipstick hastily applied and the photo snapped on my phone before I hopped in the bath and edited it using the Snapseed app. I deleted my features using the ‘healing’ function. I couldn’t get the shadow of my nose right so I decided to lose it altogether and create the definition and shading with my jawline instead. I then used the Lens Blur function to create the out of focus look.
Photo 15-02-2018, 18 22 12

February Photofest

Birthday Boy

It’s the third Throwback Thursday of this year’s February Photofest which means it’s time for the start of a new theme. This week’s theme is tributes. I am a fan of a tribute! My first one was back in April 2015 with this Bourdin-inspired shot and various ones have appeared along the way, right up to this homage last month. So, for seven days I will present my interpretation of an image by seven of my favourite photographers.
Today’s inspiration is Mapplethorpe (again!) and for Throwback Thursday I am not going very far back – just to day nine of Exhibit A’s recent December Dick Fest. All I have done to modify the below from December’s post is flip the photo so the leg is facing in the same direction as the inspiration shot above. This was an accidental tribute; I only noticed the similarity when I was flicking through images to prepare for this week’s theme. But I am glad I spotted it as it allows me to use the photo of this chap on his birthday.
Happy Birthday! Xxx

February Photofest


Floriography is a form of cryptic communication using flowers. It’s been practiced throughout Europe, Asia, and the Middle East for centuries but it became popular in Britain in the 19th century. Specific blooms and styles of arrangement were used to send coded messages, allowing the sender to express feelings which could not be spoken aloud in conservative Victorian society.
Although the red rose is well known as a symbol of love and desire, did you know they also stand for admiration and respect? So with much admiration and respect, happy Valentine’s Day to everyone in the wonderful sex blogging community and love to all who visit, enjoy and comment on my blog.

February Photofest

How rude!

How rude!
I don’t mean him standing there brazenly wanking for my camera, teasing me from the other side of the room? That’s fine. That’s always welcome.
I’m talking about him flipping the bird. You mean you hadn’t noticed? Were you too busy looking at the blur of his hand on his hard cock?
Don’t worry. I must confess, it took me a while to notice what he was doing when I was taking the photograph. Sometimes it’s impossible to resist focusing in on the finer detail so you miss the bigger picture.
Side note: this has rapidly become one of my favourite photos of EA. It’s not a good photo; it’s badly lit and out of focus in a way that’s only half-disguised by the edit. But it makes me giggle every time I look at it.

February Photofest

Rise and Shine

“You want to do a photo in your red underwear for my February Photofest?”
“Of course.”
There are some photos that I’d really rather have taken myself. Photography is my favourite kind of foreplay. Alas, distance gets in the way of some of my creative ambitions! But stirring on a Saturday morning and finding a beautiful hard cock sent across the miles and time zones as I slept was a welcome wake-up call.
“Crop and edit as necessary,” said the accompany message.
So I took matters into my own hands. In more ways than one. It was a lovely start to the weekend.

February Photofest


I was most annoyed back in December when for the red prompt I dragged out a very old shot that already had some very closely related brothers and sisters elsewhere on my blog. I had COMPLETELY forgotten this photo that I took of a friend back in September. So, finally, with much delay, she gets a starring spot on my red week!

February Photofest
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