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Hole in One

We’re in the last week of February Photo Fest and my final theme is sport. Yesterday I kicked the week off (and marked the fifth anniversary of my blog) with a naked run in the woods. Today we have the turn of another photo I’ve been itching to share. This golf tee/ball/club combination has already […]

Hole in the Wall

Here is the third and final (for now!) photo from my day out with Missy. As regular readers know, it’s very rare for me to show my belly – I much prefer to focus on my arse and legs, which I approve of much more! – but I really love this shot so here I […]

One more time…

I’m on a train. The plan was to spend the three hours to North Wales working out my finances and how to pay for £7000’s worth of work to the outside of my house that’s needed next year. Then Exhibit A tweeted this and suddenly I had a much more interesting diversion.  Happily, a notebook […]

Flesh and Bone

(What are you afraid of?) And what are you made of? (Flesh and bone) And I’m running out of time, (Flesh and bone) And what are you made of? (Flesh and bone) The Killers I loved this week’s Wicked Wednesday prompt! Oh the joy of the shuffle button. I read the prompt on Sunday night, […]

The Whole Picture

A couple of weeks ago over lunch with a friend I found myself gently pulling his leg about some rather dashing black and white head shots that he’d had taken for work and shared on Facebook. After the initial ribbing passed we started talking about how truly hideous it is having this type of professional […]

In the Meadow

“Be like the sun and the meadow, which are not the least concerned about the coming winter.” George Bernard Shaw August has been such a tonic. Hanging out with family and friends has felt like taking huge gasping breaths of air after too long under water. When we are hunkered down for what is likely […]


Coimetrophilia; a special interest and fondness in cemeteries and graveyards (noun). Anyone who looks at my blog regularly will know now much I love photographing in cemeteries. One of my current projects is to photograph nudes in all of London’s ‘magnificent seven‘. On Thursday I ticked the fifth (Abney in Stoke Newington) off the list […]


“Spread a fern frond over a man’s head and worldly cares are cast out and freedom and beauty and peace come in.” John Muir On Tuesday, Exhibit A and I had a photo adventure in the woods. It was food for my soul. I’m lucky enough that he only lives a couple of miles from […]


“The filter on that photo is absolutely perfect, btw – looks like an early 20th-century shot of some French prostitute, who’s probably about six months away from dying of TB (but in a good way)” Exhibit A I started my photo a day project as a way to stay connected to both my partner and […]

Awesome Arse

Wednesday was naughty netballer, today is awesome arse. I may not be tired of the photography but my title tank is running on empty. Day seven of sports week is baseball and for your viewing pleasure may I present the wonderful Exhibit A. As you might expect from a sports junkie like EA, he had […]

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