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I always love it when I photograph someone for the first time. When I asked this man if he wanted to be on my February Photo Fest his reply was “I’m an attention whore so wouldn’t say no.” That made me laugh out loud then simultaneously think ‘I’ve picked another good one haven’t I?’ and ‘Why has it taken me six months to turn my camera on you?’

This was a pretty quick snap taken just as he was about to head home the other evening but for a rush job I like how it has come out. Hopefully he’ll like hanging out on my blog as much as he likes hanging out at my flat so that you all get to enjoy him again!

Sinful Sunday
February Photo Fest 2023


  1. Kenneth Benoit

    Very nice photo. I like the shadows.

  2. mywildlens

    A fabulous start!

  3. Julie

    Love this. Hope we see more soon

  4. Bee

    That shadow, it drew me in and captivated me!

  5. Molly

    Oh you gotta love a partner who is up for that stuff.


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