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Well, there goes week one! *throws a bunch of flowers in its wake*

I’m not going to lie, when I sat down after dinner last night and got out my laptop and notebook I was slightly cursing my spontaneous decision to participate in February Photo Fest this year. Actually, that’s a lie, I was actually cursing my obsession with themed weeks. But I am what I am!

So, after a thorough rifle through my archives, and with a handful of new shots planned, I’m pretty much sorted for the rest of the month. Well, assuming everyone I’ve got lined up says yes to being involved. Because it’s time for a bit of variety round these parts! The whole personality of my blog is collaboration and having ridiculous and/or sexy adventures with friends and partners. I wasn’t organised enough to have a big January photography fiesta this year (I promise there’ll be one in 2024!) but I have enough unseen images to get all the usual suspects involved, plus a couple of folk who’ve not been on my February Photo Fest before.

So without further ado, here’s Starcross as the first star of my Woods and Water week.

February Photo Fest 2023


  1. Kenneth Benoit

    Hi there . I like this photo of nature. how the sun shines in through at the bottom and left on the tree Trunk. I enjoy nature also. It is freeing feeling when I walk naked in the woods.

  2. mywildlens

    This is awesome. I love the contrast between the light falling on Starcross and the darkness of the wood beyond. Absolutely gorgeous.

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