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Today is day one of February Photo Fest. It’s also Imbolc, a traditional Gaelic and pagan festival marking the start of spring. Yes, I was surprised when I learnt that too!

The calendar used to be divided into six week cycles rather than quarters (a lot to do with farming cycles apparently and Imbolc is the start of lambing season) and 1st February is halfway between the winter and spring equinoxes. The March equinox is in fact the midway point of spring, not the start of it so it’s really the 1st February where we can start to celebrate colour coming out of the darkness. Kind of makes you think differently about February doesn’t it?

This fact chimes well with what I’ve always enjoyed about February Photo Fest; at the start of the months it feels like we are truly in the depths of winter but by the time we close the books on another month of photos it really does feel like real spring is here.

Any long time followers of mine will know I like to theme each week of my February Photo Fest. So despite only deciding to join in yesterday I have given myself the added challenge of coming up with four sets of themed shots. This week is flowers. The plan for future weeks is woods, buildings/architecture and journeys. We’ll see how this all pans out shall we. Thanks for coming along for the ride!

February Photo Fest 2023


  1. Kenneth Benoit

    Gorgeous photo.. beautiful flower. Thanks for sharing . Stay well and be safe.

  2. MariaSibylla

    This is lovely! As ever, I’m wildly impressed by your organization skills. Four themes at the absolute last minute!

  3. David Mei

    Imbolc is a celebration day in our house. Loving with a witch who is studying to be a Druid St Brigid’s Day has significance. Halfway between solstice and equinox we had a break in the ice for a few days but now the cold returns. Thanks for sharing. I can’t wait for our tulips to bloom! Nice blossoms and a lovely bosom!

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