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I had a brief flash of performance anxiety thinking about what to post for this week’s 600th Sinful Sunday. After almost eight years of participating in Sinful Sunday, every week for the first four of five years and about 50% of the time these days, there are literally hundreds of photos in the archives.

The photos that exist are an incredible record of brilliant partnerships, enriching friendships and sexy adventures. There are captures that demonstrate just how much my friends and partners humour my batshit crazy ideas. And even if I say so myself, there are some utterly epic shots from my many outdoor adventures.

But I realised that I didn’t need to seek out a new showpiece location or somehow gather my friends together for a group shot to end all group shots, I just needed to share this photo. Because without Sinful Sunday I would never have taken this photo.

I took this last month in a cabin in the countryside. I was reading in bed and I glanced down and thought ‘ooh, this is good light’. I grabbed my phone and snapped a shot. Then I took a second because the first had a shadow of my phone in it. Then I sent it to my partners. This is exactly how I took it – lit by a small bedside light, no editing or filtering.

Eight years ago I would never have taken or sent this photo. I’d have tweaked my inverted nipple to attention, I’d have pulled the sheet up over my belly, I’d probably have turned the camera on my legs instead. The first time I sent a partner a nude I spent 90 minutes fussing over it. This didn’t even take 90 seconds.

Sinful Sunday is probably the most significant influencing factor in my evolving and more compassionate and loving relationship with my own body. So thank you Molly for creating this special place and thanks to the whole community for cheering everyone on every week.

Sinful Sunday


  1. MariaSibylla

    This is so gorgeous! And I feel the same way about Sinful Sunday. What a gift!

  2. Bibulous

    A simple but beautiful image. Lovely stuff

  3. eye

    A gorgeous image. Thank you for the inspiration and generosity over these years!

  4. Molly

    Oh goodness this post almost made me cry too. I would have been exactly the same 11 years ago, fussing and worrying and now like you I would have felt the confidence to take the picture and share it. I love that for me and I love it for you.

  5. Focused and Filthy

    Such a perfect image to go with your lovely post. I’ve been so lucky to have met so many wonderful people involved with sinful Sunday images and photographic adventures and can’t wait for more with you and others. Thank you for being such an inspiring photographer and model
    Missy x

  6. mywildlens

    And what an absolutely beautiful photo it is. I love the soft warm lighting, and I love that Sinful Sunday has been a part of the journey that led you here.

  7. Bee

    This is an amazing image and even more amazing that you’ve come in such a journey and are able to do so. One day I too will feel the same way about my quick snaps…I hope!

  8. Mark

    The skill of the artist is to see the unusual in the ordinary.

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