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Heat Wave

Earlier this afternoon Exhibit A asked which is the most pornographic lolly to eat. I seconded Livvy’s motion that it’s the Twister.

This photo is actually from way back in 2020 when I was doing my daily lockdown photos for partners. I hadn’t realised it had never made it onto the blog for a permanent home. As I haven’t done a Sinful Sunday for a few weeks I thought I would pop it here!

I hope you all stay cool over the next couple of days. I had some lovely plans for Monday afternoon but we’ve put those on ice till the other side of this. I’ll have to make do with exercising my mouth on a Twister instead. And (pro tip) the glass dildo is in the freezer ready…

Sinful Sunday


  1. Molly

    Yep, definitely chilled glass dildo time here too


  2. JerBear

    well, that image is erotic as hell. Thanks for being creative and sharing it with us.

  3. Mark

    Very erotic photo.

  4. Mary Wood

    Delicious, beautiful, sexy!

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