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I absolutely love this photo. It’s from back in summer 2020 when me and this chap would guiltily giggle about breaking the law with our lusty lockdown liaisons. If only we’d known what was going on a few miles away at Number 10! Still, the covert sexy bubble was a lot of fun so I’m happy for our ignorance.

Anyway, the grip. Isn’t it funny how some partners can do things that feel completely different to when another does exactly the same thing? Other people grip my throat and I like it a lot but there’s something about the way he grips it that radiates tingles down my whole body. Is it the size of his hand or the particular pressure he applies? I don’t know but I love it when he does it.

I’ve thought about posting this photo a few times over the last couple of years but I’ve always dismissed it, thinking it wasn’t a ‘good’ photo because of the bleaching from the back light. But suddenly with this weekend’s prompt it’s just perfect.

Sinful Sunday


  1. Julie

    Definitely perfect for the prompt. I love this pose and especially the way he is gripping your throat.

  2. Focused and Filthy

    And wonderful in monochrome. Great grip, I love hands in photos.
    Missy x

  3. Bee

    That sent tingles down my spine so I can only imagine how you felt.

  4. Modesty Ablaze

    Perfectly arousing actually.
    Love it this photo!!!
    Xxx – K

  5. Mark

    And I think that in this light your boob look even more attractive.

  6. Molly

    I think it is beautiful and very hot. The way just the edge of the hand/arm is highlighted so we can’t see the grip on your neck but we can absolutely imagine it


  7. Mary Wood

    This photo fits the theme perfectly and I’m glad you finally decided to share it with us.

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