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There’s been a shift this last week or so hasn’t there? On Thursday I went out for a walk in the woods after work. The carpet of wild garlic had expanded, the birds were noisy, the buds are beginning to burst and best of all it was still light.

Yesterday I spent the day in London, starting at the Tate Britain then walking along the river and over Westminster Bridge to the Royal Festival Hall and the WOW festival. I was coat-free for the first time this year and at times it felt something close to warm in the sun. This morning I was woken by the birds – another first for this year.

With the lighter days and regreening of the outside world I can also feel my desire for photo adventures unfurling. Whereas a couple of months ago I was thinking ‘ah, maybe I’m done with the blog, I’m all out of ideas’, I’m now thinking ‘oooh, let’s get planning’. I’m excited for day trips with Haiku, group outings with the gang, more adventures with the chap in this photo and, hopefully, like last year, there’ll be some new faces on the blog.

If we’re mutuals and you’ve always fancied an E40 outdoor photo adventure, let me know. I’d also like to spend more time in front of other people’s cameras. And I need to come up with some new location ideas. The woods and beach will always be my first loves but I think I need a new location with viaduct level wow factor. Any ideas?

Sinful Sunday


  1. nopantsendurance

    Glad your adventurous side is coming out of hibernation as well! There have been a handful of unseasonably warm days here, but I’m ready for some proper outdoor no pants warmth!

  2. Modesty Ablaze

    Oh lovely … a naked man trapped in a tree!
    Such a fun photo !!!
    Xxx – K

  3. Bee

    There has been a shift, I popped out in to the garden wearing just a T-shirt and expected to freeze, it was warm! It gives me hope that we’re getting there, now I just need to find naked people in trees!

  4. Molly

    Yes I love how it really is starting to feel like spring. I went for my first walk today without my body warmer today and it was so nice to wear just a fleece.

    As for being on the other side of the camera. If you ever fancy a trip to Herts I would be more than happy to take your picture again.


  5. Mary Wood

    Great greenery. And this guy is very harmonious among the tree trunks. Looking forward to your next photo adventures.

  6. Mark

    A naked body in nature always attracts increased attention and is the focus of the whole scene.

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