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One of the reasons I decided not to do February Photo Fest this year was because I knew I would (hopefully, Covid-withstanding) be in Mauritius. I made a comment to a couple of people that I’d look like a right smug arse if I posted two weeks’ worth of tropical island photos while most people who look at my blog were trudging through February in the cold. How wrong I was. I’m now on night two of an intense tropical cyclone…

Much like I never imagined I’d learn so much about the basics of epidemiology and how viruses mutate in such a short time, I also didn’t think I’d learn so much about cyclones and the cyclone warning system within 24 hours. Of course, we knew we were coming to Mauritius in cyclone season, we’d done our research. But that told us that on average a cyclone only significantly affects the island once every five years. ‘What are the chances?’ we thought. They’re on their second in three weeks! As my friend said yesterday as we exchanged stories about Eunice and Emnati, “I think Mother Nature is telling us to fuck off her planet.”

Mostly it’s fine and perversely exhilarating. In the daylight, watched from safety, the dance and sway of the trees (I’m in the rainforest at the moment) is hypnotic. One friend said she could meditate to a clip of the trees I put in the group chat. At night though it’s pretty terrifying. Last night I distracted myself taking some photos.

Sinful Sunday


  1. MariaSibylla

    Absolutely stunning!!

  2. Mosscat

    That’s the most beautiful photo, like something from a dream, with the nets and the lighting. Would love to have it on my wall

  3. slave sindee

    fantastic photo

  4. Tabitha Rayne

    Oh I’ve got goosebumps reading this! What a glorious thing!
    The photo is stunning too but I especially love “perversely exhilarating” totally relate to that!

    Fantastic have an amazing time x x

  5. Molly

    This is such a beautiful image. It looks like a still from some movie set in the tropics.

    I hope the winds pass soon though and you can do some exploring


  6. Bee

    I did have to laugh, only you could escape the storms we’ve had only to find yourself in the middle of a cyclone!

    I do love this image though, it looks so serene, even if it sounds like there’s a freight train outside!

    • Exposing 40

      So true!! 🤣

  7. JerBear

    well you also managed to distract me at the same time!

    I like that “other worldly” feeling of your picture. And it feels like a dream world. Although I can understand some scary feelings in that setting.

  8. Sexilicious Ash

    Such a lovely photo. I hope you stay safe and get to enjoy some of your time there without scary storms.

  9. Mary Wood

    If we ignore the thought that a cyclone is raging somewhere nearby, then we can say that the photo looks very romantic.

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