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Birthday Buns

It was Mr Unmentionable’s birthday yesterday. Last year he and the delightful Name Unmentionable took part in my Scenes on Screens project. There were a few unused shots in the archive so to keep his celebrations going a little longer I decided he should be today’s Sinful Sunday. And as luck would have it those grabby handfuls of delectable butt make this work very well for the SWAP hands prompt too!

Sinful Sunday


  1. Mary Wood

    Sweet couple.

  2. Floss

    Ooh yes, hands doing one of the things I think they do best 🙂 bums and hands are such a wonderful combination x

  3. Molly

    Everything about this made me smile and I loved your scenes on screens project


  4. JerBear

    oooooh, it’s a butt collective. I like this a lot.

  5. Bee

    Bums are definitely made for grabby hands!

    *with consent, obviously.

  6. Julie

    What a wonderful image. Love this xx

  7. slave sindee

    sweet cheeks on a sweet couple

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