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Last week you had the long view of my tree, this week it’s a close up of my 2021 bauble. Does anyone else buy themselves a new bauble each year?

Sinful Sunday


  1. Focused and Filthy

    Not a new bauble each year but when I went to a new country or a holiday elsewhere I would buy something. Not done that for years though (not been anywhere!)
    Beautiful decoration and body too
    Missy x

  2. MariaSibylla

    This is stunning!

  3. Modesty Ablaze

    Oh yes … I want a bauble-with-a-nipple … for my tree !!!
    Xxx – K

  4. Storm Elliott

    What a nice annual tradition and a lovely festive photo.

  5. mywildlens

    That bauble is so gorgeous I almost missed the fabulous background!

  6. thebarefootsub

    We have a new decoration each year, this year a small felted snowman and my smallest has given it pride of place where “everyone can see it.”

    Your bauble (and tree) are so beautifully elegant and a perfect pairing for you. N x

  7. Molly

    This years Xmas decoration purchase was more lights for my 2nd tree!


  8. Bee

    I do t really have any Christmas traditions, except escaping somewhere lovely when I can!

    But what an amazing bauble you have!

  9. Mary Wood

    It’s a good tradition to buy at least one new Christmas tree decoration every year. I also follow this tradition. You have a very beautiful decoration this year and the photo turned out to be very beautiful too.

  10. Mark

    Beautiful Christmas decoration. And the background is so nice – pink 🙂

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