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Gold Leaf

Here’s another shot from the 40th birthday shoot I did with My Wild Lens a couple of weeks ago.

Sinful Sunday


  1. molly

    Wow, this is just fantastic. I love how the leaf provides anonminity but also frames the rest of her body


  2. Modesty Ablaze

    Simply gorgeous !!!

    Xxx – K

  3. Bee

    The framing on this is marvellous and that colour is gorgeous!

  4. MariaSibylla

    Absolutely gorgeous. The leaf really does look like it’s made of gold. Though it’s obviously outshone by the lovely form behind it

  5. Julie

    So clever and so, so beautiful xx

  6. Mary Wood

    It turned out beautifully. Although earlier sculptors covered completely different places with a leaf 😂

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