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Fall, leaves, fall

“Every leaf speaks bliss to me
Fluttering from the autumn tree.”

Fall, leaves, fall, Emily Bronte

Back in the summer when I was catching up on 40th birthday shoots that were delayed due to lockdown MyWildLens messaged to say that she was turning 40 this year too. So of course a photo adventure had to be planned!

On Friday I spent a glorious few hours in the woods with her and Honey where our hearts sang with joy at the colours and the leaves fluttering around us like confetti. This is my favourite photo of the day but there’ll be more to share in the next few weeks and months.

Sinful Sunday


  1. Focused and Filthy

    How utterly delightful and beautiful. Perfect setting for a naked photo shoot.
    Only a tiny bit jealous
    Missy x x

  2. KP

    This is just fabulous – great setting, gorgeous model, wonderfully carefree.

  3. The barefoot sub

    I’m echoing KP here. Carefree, that’s the word I was searching for. Beautiful photo of a beautiful woman. N xx

  4. Modesty Ablaze

    Beautiful, beautiful pose and beautiful model … and such a wonderful photo.
    A gorgeous woodland nymph nestled at the feet of a giant tree !!!
    Love it … and all of the photos from your fun at todays Sinful.
    Xxx – K

  5. Victoria Blisse

    Gorgeous, joyful, seasonal and fun. Love it.

  6. mywildlens

    In the words of a favourite comedian; SUCH fun!!!!!

  7. Molly

    Such a joyful happy images. I absolutely love this


  8. Bee

    I love the joy in this, so carefree!

  9. Mary Wood

    I would call this painting “Autumn Waltz”.

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