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Being photographed fucking is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time. Not the kind of snaps you take yourself in the moment but a proper shoot where a partner and I are observed and the expressions and angles that we can’t usually see are captured.

I’m lucky enough to have a lovely man in my life at the moment who has a very compatible streak of exhibitionism and voyeurism and who I trust 100% to share an adventure like this. I also have a good friend who I equally trust to be on the other side of the camera. Which is how two weeks ago he and I ended up having the eye and lens of Focused and Filthy trained upon us.

It was honestly the best experience. It was fun and funny, happy and hot. We were both a little bit excited-nervous beforehand and I think Missy was too but it all just worked perfectly. I’m not sure we were always the most helpful subjects for her as we got as into each other’s bodies and the energy we share as we always do and at times forgot she was there. But she coped admirably!

The results are honestly so wonderful. As a set they cover the full gamut of filthy, hot, happy, intimate, energetic and calm. We both look incredible and just as good together as I had always imagined we did. Looking at ourselves has been a glorious voyeuristic treat.

Many of the photos will never be seen here or on her site as there are far too many identifying features but this is the first of a few that might make it into the outside world. A tangle of legs for the letter L prompt.

Sinful Sunday


  1. nopantsendurance

    That sounds like such a hot experience I’d like to have some day! Happy you you were able to and sounds like it lived up to expectations!

  2. mariasibylla

    This is absolutely wonderful! I love how intimate and full of light it is. One of my favorites!

  3. The barefoot sub

    This is on my list of fantasies too to be observed and captured by an artistic eye. Missy has such talent and I love the lines that she’s captured. The strength and tone of your thigh is particularly enticing.

  4. Modesty Ablaze

    Looks … and sounds … like lots of lovely fun!!!
    And a very sexy photo.
    Xxx – K

  5. JerBear

    I love the curves of a female leg! And yours are especially attractive.
    That’s a well framed shot capturing so much life. Thanks to everyone who contributed.

  6. HappyComeLucky

    Such a hot capture of you two beauties. Absolutely fantastic work all round. And gosh, we are so lucky that you are sharing.

  7. Victoria Blisse

    Aw, this is a sweetly intimate photo and it sounds like the whole experience was an amazing one.

  8. Bee

    This is soooo good. As someone who usually fucks their photographer, it’s not something I’ve ever done before…I may need to change that.

    • Exposing 40

      I recommend it!

  9. molly

    Amazing… I am SO glad you guys got to do this


  10. Julie

    This looks fantastic. Missy has captured you both wonderfully xx

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