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Beach Bums

Three years ago when it was the Diptych prompt @19syllables and I had just been to Botany Bay and the result was Flotsam and Jetsam. Quite by chance, the Triptych prompt just after we’d spent the day on another Kent beach. I love serendipity.

Sinful Sunday


  1. mywildlens

    I absolutely love these photos. They have a fantastic sense of fun to them and make me long for a beach adventure of my own!

  2. Victoria Blisse

    Beautiful bottoms on such an idylic looking beach. Wonderfully relaxed and calming images.

  3. Modesty Ablaze

    Beautiful, beautiful beach bums indeed !!!

    Xxx – K

  4. Molly

    Ahh I love that the timing worked out in that way. Also I so want to go to the beach


  5. We_Fear_Nothing

    These are great images, makes me want to go to the beach now.

  6. HappyComeLucky

    Looks idyllic. I need to take some beach pics some day.

  7. Bee

    Photography trips to the beach are the best! You have no idea how much these are making me smile.

  8. LittleSwitchBitch

    🖤 Love this as much as I loved your diptych! Also how the hell is it 3 years since that one. Bloody hell x

  9. Mary Wood

    All ideas are hovering somewhere around us. An excellent triptych.

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