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Walk Beside Me

“Don’t walk behind me, I may not lead.
Don’t walk in front of me, I may not follow.
Just walk beside me and be my friend.”
Albert Camus

@19syllables and I have done a lot of walking this winter. We are so lucky to live close enough to each other that even during the depths of lockdown we have been able to regularly meet for walks.

When Christmas was abruptly upended she met me in the woods with love and hugs and ‘call me any time’ words. In the depths of cold muddy January she bent over laughing as I slipped and screeched and clung to a tree. When one of my closest friends died in February she met me from the virtual funeral and we sat on a bench for tea, carrot cake and puppy (teenage dog, actually) cuddles. Once rules relaxed in March and we could be more than two there’s been gin and fizz and tea and cake in gardens with lovely Honey.

This week we finally did what we do best and headed off on a mini road trip and photo adventure. To wild and windy and slightly post-apocalyptic Dungeness we headed. We ate fish and chips, drank tea, wondered over dead creatures, went round and round in circles looking for public toilets and confused a woman by taking photos of her trousers on the washing line (they just looked too good against the backdrop of the nuclear power station!).

And of course we got naked!

Along the way we were plotting more naked photo adventures to go on with our friends but on Friday it was nice to just be the two of us. I can’t wait for a summer of ridiculous fun!

Thank you for walking beside me this winter.

Sinful Sunday


  1. E.+L.+Byrne

    That’s a wonderful photo and a beautiful friendship to treasure!!

  2. LittleSwitchBitch

    <3 This post totally warmed my soul and of course, a stunning image <3 I love forward to seeing more of your adventures togther x

  3. Simina

    This is just lovely. I like the simplicity of the background that makes you both stand out. Exquisitely done.

  4. 19syllable

    [Us totally naked on a windy, public beach with the timer counting down and our pants in danger of blowing away]

    Ex40; How shall we stand?
    Me; Let’s hold hands
    Ex40 ; Yeah, that feels right

    Is kind of our friendship in a nutshell. : )

  5. Modesty Ablaze

    LOVE this … just so warming to read … and imagine your conversations.
    LOVELY !!!
    Xxx – K

  6. Molly

    This actually made me a bit teary because it so beautiful and precious and lovely and, just everything that is right with the world when a lot of things are wrong

    Love you two so much


  7. Muse

    Ow that’s friendship! Awesome photo x

  8. Bee

    Oh goodness, I love Dungeness and it’s stark barrenness! But what I love more is tales of your friendship. It’s so heartwarming.

  9. Focused and Filthy

    Perfect picture. Envious of your physical closeness but so glad you’ve both got this friendship x x

  10. Mary Wood

    Nothing can replace the joy of simple human communication.

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