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And before you know it, here we are at the end of February. February Photo Fest is closed for another year.

As ever, it was nice to have something creative go focus on during this cold grey month – even more so this year. I’m happy I managed to get the usuals spirit of collaboration into my month, by using archive photos and through my Scenes on Screens week, although I hope hy next year I’ll be able to do the usual in person photo adventures. Thank you to everyone who took part and allowed me to grace the pages of this blog with their naked forms.

This is the last shot in my close ups and unusual angles week. Do you know what you’re looking at?

February Photofest
Sinful Sunday


  1. Molly

    Yay for FebPhotoFest. I am so glad it helped through this tough few weeks

    And it is between your legs and you are laying face down


  2. adam

    I would guess forearms folded upward over breasts?

    • Exposing 40


  3. Victoria Blisse

    I love this, as depending how you look at it, the image ‘changes’. Very clever!

  4. Zebra Rose

    Boobs and arms, or legs? Maybe if I keep staring at it, I’ll figure it out…or at least enjoy not being able to!

  5. LittleSwitchBitch

    I can’t decide – either boobs and arms? or Legs and thighs? Either way – it is super clever and of course, stunning! But I wouldn’t expect anything else from your photography x

  6. mariasibylla

    This is fab! It’s an optical illusion, it really does look like your legs as well as your arms. Loved your FebPhotoFest photos!

  7. Mary Wood

    It looks very symbolic, albeit a little sad from the fact that another stage of our life has come to an end (

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