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Can’t remember now but I’m almost certain that after taking this photo I would have collected that delicious drip with my tongue or finger. I can’t wait to be collecting delicious drips again soon.

February Photofest


  1. HappyComeLucky


  2. MariaSibylla

    OMG!!! This is so so so good!

  3. blue

    Wowwwwwww. I absolutely love this image!

  4. Annie savoy

    This. I mean… because yes… and then there’s also… and that one time…I just… ok. I’m going to. Right. Yes. Excuse me, can we get more of this in 2021 because it’s been a really really tough 11 months of all the weird and terrible things and this is everything that is wonderful for all of us and we should definitely get more of it so we nominated you to give us more. If you could. please and thank you

  5. slave sindee

    very lovely and looks so delicious

  6. The barefoot sub


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