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Pride Legs

The final shot in my Scenes on Screens week features The Barefoot Sub who I first at Eroticon in 2019. Back then we briefly talked about doing some photos but we live a long way from each other and so it’s never happened. But like I said earlier in the week, the joy of this project is being able to photograph people who aren’t local to me and a few weeks back I got to hang outline with her and watch her tie her legs. I hope when ‘all this’ is over we get to do some photographs in real life as she has some incredible landscapes near her. Do check out her site for some fabulous photos in the wild.

February Photofest
Sinful Sunday


  1. Victoria Blisse

    What an evocative image – like a window into another world 🙂

  2. The barefoot sub

    I do so love this image. And it was a pleasure to see you again!

    I’m looking forward to getting out into the wild with you, when life is safer. x

  3. LittleSwitchBitch

    <3 Stunning image both of you <3 That rope work is so beautiful x

  4. Modesty Ablaze

    I do so love Rope … perfectly tied … perfectly screened !!!
    Xxx – K

  5. Molly

    Oh this is great. I love that you have just managed to capture her broad smile. Such joy is a wonderful thing


  6. mariasibylla

    This is wonderful and so full of joy! I really love your scenes on screens series! And even though I know we all can’t wait to be able to do photo shoots together in person again, this is a really wonderful alternative!

  7. Bee

    I’m absolutely loving this project, one of the good things to come out of this is the ability to connect to people we normally wouldn’t because of distance and time constraints.

    • Exposing 40

      Maybe you need to be photographed for it!!

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