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The Unmentionables

Photographing people in real life is a joy but it’s rather limited to the people in my vicinity. Our community has brought me many friendships that are too far afield for us to be able to casually drop a photo adventure into a day. Until pandemic times!

In the shit storm of this year, many good things have occurred and I definitely count Scenes on Screens as one of them. If I hadn’t been forced into finding new ways to keep the collaborative creativity of this blog alive I would not have spent so much time popping into people’s homes across the UK and around the world.

Last night I spent a happy hour hanging out with the delicious Unmentionable and Mr Unmentionable. This was our favourite shot but there’s more that will undoubtably appear here or on their timelines at some point.

February Photofest


  1. HappyComeLucky

    Such a cute shot. And her legs go on for miles.

    • slave sindee

      very nice
      looking forward to seeing more
      they are lovely

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