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My Favourite Plum

My favourite plum
Hangs so far from me
See how it sleeps
And hear how it calls to me.”
Suzanne Vega, My Favourite Plum

My good friend Jedi Hamster is a mine of pop trivia (though she has this weird idea that the German version of 99 Balloons is best so is not 100% trustworthy! 😝) so when I was stuck for ideas on my song title week I turned to her.

I didn’t know this song but when I looked at the lyrics I laughed out loud. What an excellent unintentional troll of lockdown celibacy. As well as the lyrics above we have “it will be so sweet, I’ve been so dry” and many more – have a read! It’s a brilliantly horny set of lyrics! As Suzanne sings, I am indeed right here and while I’m not longing endlessly, I am very much looking forward to tasting my favourite plums!

February Photofest


  1. HappyComeLucky

    I’m just over here making longing noises. Gorgeous picture!

  2. David Mei

    Nice pic and thank you for the song suggestion! I don’t know this Suzanne Vega tune! I will look it up!

  3. MariaSibylla


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