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In the Pink

It’s time for my first guest of this month’s February Photo Fest. I bring you the fabulous and gorgeous Jaffa! If you pay close attention to his timeline (and why wouldn’t you?!) then you may recognise this shot as he tweeted it last summer. But until now it didn’t have a permanent home on the blog and, well, isn’t nice to see a flash of summer (and arse!) on the timeline? I can’t wait for summer 2021 photography adventures – they’re going to feel even sweeter this year!

February Photofest


  1. Muse

    Gorgeous light! Arse! Image 😏☺️

  2. Julie

    What a lovely pert bottom he has. I’m so looking forward to seeing your adventures this year!

  3. Quinn Rhodes

    This is such a delicious photo. Jaffa’s arse is fucking excellent, and the whole image makes me hungry for summer and the time when we’re allowed outside for adventures again!

  4. Mary Wood

    Summer is a time of pleasure.

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