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This isn’t the first time I’ve used a Japanese word to title a woodland post – the first time was with Shinrin-Yoku, a shot from mine and Molly’s first photo adventure.

Komorebi is a word that means the play of sunlight and shadows through trees. I tweeted this photo way back in April when I was on a lockdown walk. But after last weekend’s beach photo I feel like sharing another hopeful sunny photo so I’ve decided to give it a permanent home on the blog.

Sinful Sunday


  1. NPE

    thanks! Your rosy nipples are quite nice with the shadow leaves!

  2. slave sindee


  3. elliott henry

    I’m glad you did, it’s an erotic shot. I will remember that word, thanks.

  4. Lisa Stone

    Nice photo and pattern so light and summer. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Victoria Blisse

    Ooooh this is so beautiful! I love it, evocative of spring and hope.

  6. Modesty Ablaze

    Lovely patterns and shadows indeed !!!
    Xxx – K

  7. Muse

    This just gorgeous,! x

  8. LittleSwitchBitch

    Such a pretty image – def deserves a space on your blog x

  9. David Mei

    Agree with all of the above. Great light and shadow play. I love how nature in all its beauty plays in the shadows.

  10. Bee

    I’m so glad you decided to share this one, it’s stunning!

  11. Molly

    I feel like sunny hopeful images are just what is needed right now


  12. Mary Wood

    Great photo. Warm as summer.

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