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Edit Us

For rather obvious reasons I’ve called this Edit Us. This was a capture from the last moments of a wonderful evening with two amazing people.

Our plans had been in the pipeline for a couple of months and while we were all super-excited about it, I was ever so slightly nervous because I was introducing them for the first time. I knew they’d get on because they’re both brilliant people, but you never know how the chemistry is going to go. But I needn’t have worried because as you can see, we fitted together just fine.

The photo was taken by me and they’ve done an edit each. Which do you prefer?


…or hers?

Sinful Sunday


  1. Zebra Rose

    I like the second one best – no idea why, it just seems more peacefully sensual. What a stunning picture

  2. MariaSibylla

    This is wonderful!!!!! It makes me so happy. I love both edits but I really love the warmth of the second one, it adds to the cozy, happy feeling I get from this image.

  3. Focused and Filthy

    I think I’ll have to go here. Just because the contrast between the bodies is greater. But I do love the purple tint in the first too.
    I love everything about this image completely though. X x
    Missy x

    • Focused and Filthy

      I obviously meant to type her but got distracted!

  4. Dave

    A perfect fit.

  5. LittleSwitchBitch

    Erm I think the second as the image just feels more warm, sensual and snuggly to me x

  6. Muse

    I love the second warmer photo but bloody love the image either way x

  7. the barefoot sub

    I love them both, but His tips the balance for me.

  8. Lisa Stone

    A wonderful trio. There is nothing to choose. Both are great.

  9. Bee

    I think the second one is just pure sensual delight, you can feel the warmth in those snuggles.

  10. Modesty Ablaze

    These are so lovely. Sweet, cuddly … and oh so sexy !
    Love them both !!!
    Xxx – K

  11. Elliott

    Love all that pressed flesh, I love the colors of the second.

  12. Mary Wood

    Excellent position. It would be nice to join. My choice is the second shot. It’s warmer.

  13. Molly

    I love both. I have having to pick but I think ‘her’ edit just has the edge for me. I love the colour tones of that one


  14. Krystal

    Thanks for sharing this image, it makes me feel all warm and tingly!!

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