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Up Against the Clock

I took this photo on 14th May, some two months into lockdown when there’d been a whooooole lot of time alone. I sent it to the recipients of my daily lockdown photos with the message ‘there’s one too many consonants between my legs right now!’

Tonight I’m putting the l back in to give a virtual high five to the wonderful Smutathon folk who are up against the clock, writing for 12 solid hours to raise funds for Endometriosis UK. Endometriosis is a chronic and debilitating condition that ruins lives. As Romantic Isa wrote in her story: “15 years of being told there’s nothing wrong with you while you’re in the worst pain possible damages a person.”

Despite Endometriosis being the second most common gynaecological condition in the UK, affecting one in 10 people AFAB, on average is takes 7.5 years to diagnose and there’s currently no known cure. Endometriosis UK is a charity achieving huge things with a tiny team and a small budget. With just seven staff and volunteers they supported over 25,000 people last year. Anything you can afford to give will go a long way. Please visit their fundraising page and donate now.

Sinful Sunday


  1. HappyComeLucky

    This is a fantastic post and the Smutathon team have been fab. I love this image and I’m thinking about time to something else.

  2. Muse

    A very clever take on words ☺️

  3. Julie

    A fabulous post and such a poorly understood cause. Plus this is a perfect way to promote the work that the Smutathon team have put in over the weekend. xx

  4. Quinn Rhodes

    This is a spectacular photo (when are your photography NOT spectacular though? You’re fucking brilliant at it)… though I admit it took me way too long to work out what the extra consonants between your legs was!

  5. Molly

    Smutathon was brilliant. I hope people come and see your brilliant image and continue to donate to their cause

  6. LittleSwitchBitch

    This is brilliant <3 And the perfect image to go with your words x

  7. Persephone

    Absolutely love this image and for a great cause too, even better!

  8. Jupiter Grant

    What a wonderful image, and a great cause for Smutathon 2020!

  9. Victoria Blisse

    Fab photo, great sentiments, go you!

  10. Bee

    This is a fabulous post highlighting a really important issue, AFAB people aren’t listened to enough when it comes to our bodies, speaking as ones who’s given up trying to be heard!

  11. Lisa Stone

    A noble goal and a great photo. Thank you for participating.

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