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Screen Time

For the single subject prompt I bring you yet another photo from my lockdown photo project. Sometimes I spent a lot of time working to realise an idea, sometimes I went walking, knowing I’d be taking a photo along the way but with no idea in mind. Then there were the times late at night where I thought ‘Fuck! I haven’t taken today’s photo!’ This is one of them. The time stamp on this image is 22.26. I was still at my desk. I whipped off my top, turned off the light so I was lit just by the light of the screen and snapped a one take shot. Then it was back to work.

Sinful Sunday


  1. Kevin Ellis-Meade

    That’s a really mood laden photo – makes me think of cosy nights in, with the woman of my dreams. Well done! Kev

  2. LittleSwitchBitch

    Wow -<3 How lucky to snap such a shot in one go! It is quite rare for that to happen to me. Of course, this is beautiful as always x

  3. Muse

    Gorgeous light, you have such great ideas!

  4. Kilted Wookie

    I’ve always been a sicker for low-key black & white photography and this one ticks pretty much every one of my boxes.


  5. HappyComeLucky

    Beautiful and the lighting adds atmosphere. I can’t take my eyes off your beautiful shape.

  6. Focused and Filthy

    Simple and effective. Really beautiful image
    Missy x

  7. Julie

    This is wonderfully atmospheric. Just beautiful E40 xx

  8. Alethea Hunt

    The sexiness of the everyday moment, but oh so difficult to capture in a photograph. I love the lines on your skin… the ghosts of clothes.

  9. Molly

    It is a fabulous shot, the light in it is perfectly placed on your beautiful breast


  10. MariaSibylla

    You are such a master of moody sex in grayscale. I LOVE this and I can’t believe it was only one shot.

  11. Bee

    I love this shot! And I think I’m going to use it as inspiration and try do something similar.

  12. slave sindee

    a very lovely photo
    nicety done

  13. Persephone

    I wish my one take, no planning photos came out like that! Amazing photo, the light is just perfect the way it wraps around you

  14. DeviantSuccubus

    Well, spontaneous art is often the most beautiful. I love it!

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