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The person who chose this week’s Sinful Sunday said he loved how you can “really feel it.” I’m looking forward to the time when I’ll be able to feel his hand grabbing and squeezing me, not my own.

Sinful Sunday


  1. And what a lovely Grab that is !!!
    Xxx – K

  2. Awww. I love the image and the sentiment.

  3. Oooh yes, you can definitely feel it. I hope you’re able to be grabbed again soon.

  4. Oh that sentiment, I feel that. You picturing it in this picture makes me long for it even more!

  5. Yes! It’s your fingers and the indents – it oozes such a raw, neediness x

  6. My sentiments exactly. (not his hand, of course)

  7. Nice image, E40. Love the grab 🙂
    ~ Marie

  8. Oh I agree, let’s hope there’s not too much longer to wait.

  9. And they were right! I hope the wait won’t be too long.

  10. Oh yes, I am missing being touched so much that it is almost becoming an obsession


  11. This is a brilliant image, and now I really want someone to grab my tits.

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