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Pucker up

What a strange time we are living in. Right about now many of us would have just laughed and cried and squirmed our way through the Sunday lunchtime readings at Eroticon. What a difficult decision our wonderful Molly had to make on Thursday but it was absolutely the right one and I hope she knows how much love and support there is out there for her.

It’s been an unusual weekend – there’s been moments of pure joy spent with people who travelled to London anyway but those moments have been tinged with strangeness and sadness. I look forward to when we can all get together in our big group again and pucker up for some delicious kisses. Until then we have our nudes and our words.

Sinful Sunday


  1. MariaSibylla


  2. Posy Churchgate

    Interesting how different a close up and an angle ‘changes’ how we see things

  3. Molly

    Thank you lovely. It is weird and stressful times and I hope for us all to be together again soon


  4. Beck

    I really like this. It’s amazing how nipples wrinkle and perk up. I love to stare at mine and they always make for great photos.

  5. Victoria Blisse

    Aren’t we so blessed to have all these people around us even when we’re alone? This community is amazing. Here’s to nudes!

  6. Bee

    This is so wonderful, I can’t wait for all this to be over but it feels like we’re in for a long wait.

  7. Marie Rebelle

    A lovely image, and let’s hope all of us can be together again when this is over.

    Rebel xox

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