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Hairy Rambutans

For Throwback Thursday on Food Euphemisms week, here I give you my hairy rambutans. They first made a public appearance in my Journeys post a couple of years ago but the photo was actually taken six years ago when I was in Indonesia for work.

Rambutan is the Malay word for hairy and in the course of this crazy February Photo Fest I learnt that these lychee-like fruit are a south-east Asian euphemism for testicles. What would we do without Google?! This photo was the first of many photos I have sent to Exhibit A from hotels in far-flung places. It predates this blog by more than a year. At the time I thought I was sending him a flirty fruity photo, little did I know I was sending him a photo of my hairy bollocks and that one day I’d post the photo on the internet.

February Photofest

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  1. Brigit Delaney

    Those are the strangest looking fruit.

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