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Honey Pot

If you follow Honey on Twitter you may have seen that this last weekend has been difficult. This was prompted by Pre-menstrual Dysmorphic Disorder. If you’ve never heard of it is also worth reading this woman’s story, which in a display of Twitter serendipity appeared on my timeline yesterday.

Reading Honey’s post was so hard. It’s hard to see in black and white how much someone you love is suffering and that while they’re in that place there’s nothing you can do to help. On Twitter she said people should be there when “normal service” is resumed. Normal service is a kind, funny, thoughtful, playful, sexy woman who over the last five years I have learnt so much from and had so many awesome clothes and unclothed adventures with. She amazing! She’s ‘lets me pour honey on her vulva and call her honey pot’ levels of amazing!

February Photofest


  1. Tim

    This is lovely. 🙂 Less lovely that she’s struggling, though.

    But beautiful texture, and hair that you long to touch . . .

  2. HappyComeLucky

    Oh, this is one of my best compliments ever! “She’s ‘lets me pour honey on her vulva and call her honey pot’ levels of amazing!” You know how much fun and how good this picture felt to do. You are a giver of joy and this post is so affirming. Thank you for talking about PMDD and the link.

  3. Marie Rebelle

    She is an amazing friend indeed, and I am glad to count her as one of mine too. This image is incredible!

    Rebel xox

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