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Bright Copper Kettles

So here we are again, another February Photo Fest is here. After participating in 2017 and 2108, I missed last year due to being in East Africa for a massive chunk of February, so it’s good to be back.

For anyone who has followed in previous years you’ll know I love theme. In 2017 it was black and white and in 2018 there were four different weekly themes. This year I’m going for weekly themes again, under the overall headline of My Favourite Things.

Obviously one of my favourite things is the brilliant group of friends I have made through this community and I’m so pleased with how enthusiastically they have thrown themselves into the themes. There is very definitely a cross cutting theme of ridiculousness and joy in many of the photos and I’m looking forward to sharing them as the month goes by.

Themes we have coming up are food, music and sport. But another one of my favourite things is The Sound of Music – I have to watch it at least once a year and I’ve done a pilgrimage to Salzburg to visit some of the location. So, to kick off week one I bring you my bright copper kettle. It’s the first of seven photos that will bring that song to life in a way you’ve never seen before!

February Photofest


  1. Focused and Filthy

    Love it and can’t wait to see you tied up with string!
    Missy x

    • Exposing 40

      It’s not me who’s tied up with string…but yes, that’s to come!!

  2. Monstrous Jaffa

    Love the themes. Can’t wait to see what you do for each one.

  3. Muse

    Gorgeous and I love that kettle!!

  4. Molly

    I had no idea you loved The Sound of Music. I have watched it so many times, for a long while it was the DQ’s fav film and she would watch it over and over. I have not seen it in a while but this has made me vow to watch it again soon


    • Exposing 40

      Yes, my Mum developed an amazing itinerary for us which took in all the locations and we even stayed in the Von Trapp family home which is now a hotel. I sent the itinerary to GOTN for her trip last year.

  5. Julie

    I’m loving the copper kettle and of course the glimpse of you!

  6. Marie Rebelle

    I love the theme you have for this week and look forward to that of the other weeks. Such a brilliant image this, with the subtle reflection in the kettle 🙂

    Rebel xox

  7. Cousin Pons

    A gorgeous photo. The reflections in the old copper kettle are a joy to behold.

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