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Earlier this week I had my hair cut and highlighted. When it’s just been done it looks particularly sharp and swishy. Focused and Filthy suggested I should make my hair the feature of this weekend’s Sinful Sunday, specifically black and white and with dramatic lighting. I think I met the brief. The only problem was I couldn’t decide between these two photos! Which do you prefer?

Sinful Sunday


  1. Yay, comments open.

    The second one is lovely, and not just because I am a breast man. But, for me, the focus of it is you cupping you’re breast, not swishy hair.

    The first is more dramatic and focused on your hair, so fits your post title better, IMO.

  2. Lovely photo and great light

  3. They’re both lovely, it’s hard to decide between the two. However, I especially like the shadows and angles of the second image.

  4. These are both perfection but I’m in love with the first one where we can see your eyebrow. It’s very 1930s film noir femme fatale and I am here for it!!

  5. First photo for me, love the light and the textures. Plus I really like eyes. But both images are great.

  6. I admire your hair so much! Whenever you have it cut I think should I try that too. I love both pics but particularly the second one which is very sensual

  7. I love all of the shapes and lines in the second one. It inspires quite a response.

  8. I love them both, but that first one is absolutely stunning. Your hair is beautiful.

    Rebel xox

  9. Oh the first. I love your hair and the glimpse of your face xx

  10. #2…the a line bob is one of my favorite styles

  11. I love the first image most (although both are stunning) as the contrasting textures and glimpse of your eye are really striking to me. Your hair looks fantastic!

  12. Very sensual pictures! I think I prefer the second one, but it is a close call because the first one is very wonderful too.

  13. The first image is very striking but there is something about the second one, it has a light hint of movement and the way the light is catching the bottom of your hair is beautiful


  14. Gorgeous both !!!
    Xxx – K

  15. Ooo that is really hard. I love the first where we can see a bit of your face and the great angle of your hair, but the second is very sexy and sensual so I love that too. Glad you posted them both 😊

  16. I genuinely can’t pick between the two – I love both! <3

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