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More than a couple o’ cupolas

“The Thames is dear to the Londoners. It is the scene of half their pleasures. In the summer season it is ever in their thoughts, and they are often on its bosom.”

A.D., “The Banks and Bosom of the Thames”, The Metropolitan, Volume 41

On Wednesday The Other Livvy, @19syllables and I had a day out to the Tate Modern to see the new (and excellent!) Olafur Eliasson exhibition. Before we headed into the show we popped down to the banks of the Thames so see if there were any photo opportunities. These chains hanging down from a boardwalk seemed just perfect. But the most important question is: do you prefer Christopher Wren’s cupola or those of my beautiful friends?

Sinful Sunday


  1. MariaSibylla

    Oh this is so wonderful!! xxxx

  2. Collaredmichael

    I love this!! A wonderful backdrop to beautiful women.

  3. May More

    This is great – i wish u were in it too – u could of asked a passer by to take the shot 😉 x

  4. Monstrous Jaffa

    I think this is my first ever blog comment. Had to do it because this just made me smile – what a joyful image ?

  5. Joy

    You really are inspiringly brazen! Such an amazing shot.

  6. O

    Oh. Oh wow. My cupola overfloweth. Incredible work from models and photographer. Wren’s genius doesn’t come close. Wow.

  7. elliott

    I am enjoying them both, I wish though that your friends had the same lighting that Mr. Wren’s work has in this photo.

  8. Old Mike

    How am I to explain to friends and relations that I pass this spot with often that I have an urgent need to see what is happening below? Loved it

  9. Victoria Blisse

    This is so joyful!

  10. Indie

    Love it! You probably created some spires to match.

  11. Molly

    Well this is a view of London I have never seen before and I LOVE it. My favourite city can only be made better by smiles and boobs!


  12. NPE

    Wow what a fun photo!

  13. DeviantSuccubus

    Absolutely wonderful picture! Beautiful women and look at joy in their faces!

  14. Ouizzi

    Love, love, love this! You can’t help but smile looking at this x

  15. Marie Rebelle

    Just a month ago I stood in that same spot, but then on the walkway above, and took a picture of Christopher Wren’s cupola. It seems the view ‘down under’ is much better. Love this image!

    Rebel xox

  16. Modesty Ablaze

    Love the Tate, love the Southbank, love the skyline . . . and, absolutely, LOVE the photo !!!
    Wonderful, wonderful !!!
    Xxx – K

  17. Jupiter Grant

    Great shot!

  18. missy

    This is a stunning picture. I love everything about it 🙂

  19. Littlegem

    Wow this is so beautiful!

  20. Bee

    Well that has made London a far more beautiful place, I love it!

  21. blue

    This looks like so much fun!

  22. LittleSwitchBitch

    Your eye for ideas and photography never fails to wow me. This shot is incredible x

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