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44: Droopy Drawers

This Sinful Sunday is extra special because it’s my birthday. Yay! Earlier this week I was pondering what to do for my photo when I thought ‘ooh, I wonder what the bingo call is for 44?’ Turns out it’s droopy drawers!! Mmm… If only I’d had this idea for 43; that’s Down on Your Knees and I have a whole load more hot and sinful photos in my archives that would illustrate that call. Oh well…

Sinful Sunday


  1. This is fabulous and made me giggle too.
    And not forgetting a big Happy birthday to you too
    Missy x

  2. Happy birthday! What a great way to celebrate ?

  3. Happy Birthday and Merry Xmas to you <3

  4. Droppy drawers never looked so sexy before

  5. That’s a cool shot, and colorful too. Happy B-Day, Kid.

  6. Fabulous! Happy birthday to you xx

  7. Happy birthday! Hope it was raucous and full of laughter! I love your sparkly shoes.

  8. Brilliant! Love your droopy drawers ???
    Happy birthday lovely one x x

  9. Happy Birthday – great image!

  10. Hilarious! Thanks for sharing your christmas fun x

  11. This is so much fun and really made me look closely – wishing you a happy birthday and a Merry Christmas x

  12. That’s certainly a very sexy birthday shot. It definitely looks like you’re about to get up to something very naughty.

  13. Such a great image 🙂 Hope you have a wonderful birthday x

  14. This is brilliant. And very happy birthday wishes to you ❤️

  15. Wonderful!
    Many happy returns and festive fun!
    xxx – K

  16. Happy birthday to you and your fabulous drawers! X

  17. Sexy droopy drawers that is!
    Rebel xox

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