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Holly Bush

Sinful Sunday


  1. missy

    Oh this is a dreamy image. I love the soft focus and the way the holly is draped over you ?

  2. May

    This is a fab Christmas shot – I love holly particularly the ones with berries on x

  3. painaspleasure

    Beautiful shot. The leaves against your skin…. hmmmm

  4. joradam

    It looks like Poisone Ivy!

  5. MPB

    A wonderful image, I love holly xx

  6. HappyComeLucky

    So dreamy and tempting.

  7. Marie Rebelle

    Rebel xox

  8. kisungura

    Beautiful image, I like the thought of all those prickles against soft skin…

  9. Molly

    Now I wondering if I should go and cut a load out of my front hedge (excuse the pun)

  10. LittleSwitchBitch

    Is that not ivy?
    It’s a beautiful image – I love the dreamy filter x

    • Exposing40

      There’s holly and ivy in there (which was the name of the original post in 2015) but I called it Holly Bush because Holly and Ivy Bush would sound bonkers!!

      • LittleSwitchBitch

        I did think I had seen it before but I couldn’t place where… I can’t see holly but I’m glad I asked all the same lol x

        • Exposing40

          It’s the white edged holly so it kind of blends in with the ivy in this edit but it’s more obvious in the original standing up shot as you can see the berries!

  11. sub-Bee

    I love this take on it, the soft focus gives it a lovely dreamy feel.

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