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Anyone following me on Twitter will probably have seen that I’m in Porto this weekend. We’re staying in a beautiful old apartment with huge windows that flood the lounge with morning light and invite us to while away the hours watching life go by in the square below. But late at night the view looking in becomes just as interesting.

Sinful Sunday


  1. silverdomuk

    It certainly does!

  2. Sexilicious Ash

    Oh, that is a really great image! I love this so much!

  3. books1799

    A room with a view! A very interesting fascade. Glazed tiles and an exceedingly tall front door.

  4. missy

    What a brilliant image. I love this! ?

  5. May

    What a fabulous building – great shot

  6. Modesty Ablaze (@ablazingmodesty)

    Exposing . . . and interesting . . . in such a fun way indeed !!!
    Xxx – K

  7. nopantsendurance

    Best view it’s ever had, no doubt!

  8. painaspleasure

    Looks wonderful.

  9. kisungura

    Thereโ€™s a painting by Avril Paton called Windows in the West that this reminds me of. That sensual intriguing glimpse of a life behind the curtains, and wanting to linger for longer to watch, fabulous idea and beautifully captured x

  10. victoriablisseuk

    Wow, this is a story starter of an image ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. Marie Rebelle

    mmmm I find myself leaning closer to the screen, wanting to see more ๐Ÿ™‚
    Rebel xox

  12. Molly

    It sounds like a perfect location for lots of pictures

  13. Life of Elliott...

    Are your feet purple?

  14. Jo

    This makes me happy, as I’m always walking around my own apartment naked, wondering if there’s anyone looking up into the window at me!

  15. Taut

    This is why I love taking walks at night. So many interesting sights going on.

  16. MPB

    A fantastic view. The house looks lovely too xx

  17. HappyComeLucky

    I want to be outside looking in at you. Actually, I want to see you there and then come inside.

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