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For this weekend’s macro prompt I was aiming for a super close-up of my clitoris, but my big plumptious labia kept getting in the way so I just decided to sod it and let them have the spotlight! It was quite fun fiddling around trying to get the shot!

Sinful Sunday


  1. mmmm so suckable…. And what a great shot!

  2. A landscape that deserves to be explored so of course it needs a moment in the spotlight. .

  3. Wow, such a powerful shot!

  4. This is a great shot, the detail is amazing and I love your description of how the image came about

  5. Well done getting this great shot. Loved the story of if how you took it.

  6. Incredible! And three cheers for big plumptious labia!

  7. I’m sorry to hear your clit was shy. If you want some assistance taking the intended shot … if perhaps an extra pair of hands might help … feel free to call.
    (Of course I’m only offering to hold the camera, you understand.)

  8. “… kept getting in the way…” made me lol!
    Beautiful shot in every way.

  9. This is such a fabulous image! The b n w filter(?) adds to the mystery of it.
    Indigo xx

  10. Well I think your unruly labia had the right idea :p you ended up getting a great shot, although I’m sure the intended shot would have clit-tastic too. Fabulous image x

  11. fascinating and creative, and sumptuously beautiful!

  12. Such a great shot, and I know all about the fiddling to get a shot like this!
    Rebel xox

  13. Wow this is glorious! So incredibly beautiful. It’s inspiring me to try to get a similar shot of myself. I’ve always hated my own vulva shots but if I can get an artistic one like this, I might even love it.
    Aurora x

  14. Wow what a very clear close up – great shot

  15. Amazing shot. Such detail of an intimate part of the body

  16. Hurrah for labia – this is a gorgeous shot of a beautiful place! They look so soft and plump, like the petals of an exotic flower protecting the nectar within

  17. Wow – such an awesome shot! I love the included words on how you ended up capturing it x

  18. Labia deserve their time in the limelight, the clit gets far too much attention!
    Great shot, I really love the detail.

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