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And out again I curve and flow

To join the brimming river

For men may come and men may go

But I go on for ever.

Alfred Lord Tennyson

Sinful Sunday


  1. I love how you’ve edited this!
    The subject matter is also pretty awesome. 😉

  2. Definitely lots of curve and flow here. <3

  3. Love the off centre edit. Beautiful image.

  4. I could stare at those freckles forever searching for their pattern. Lovely photograph
    Missy x

  5. Love the words with the photo. The edit makes me think of a nymph. A lovely river nymph

  6. Beautiful! Love the curve of your body and just the hint of your bottom. Really beautiful!
    Rebel xox

  7. Beautiful curves. Backs are such an undervalued part of the body I think.

  8. Are those fingerprints on the end of the image?
    I love how you’ve edited this – the highlight in the centre really showcases your wonderful curve x

    • Fingerprints? I can’t see where you mean! But no. My friend was balanced on a fallen tree and I was on the bank about three or four feet back. This is a cropped edit and no fingerprints were involved!

  9. Beautiful image and I loved the Tennyson, works so well with your curves…

  10. Beautiful words and image too xx

  11. I can see the fingerprints too…. I think it is the overlay ‘scratches’ that you have applied, at the bottom centre there are some whorl like shapes that look a bit fingerprintesque.
    I love the muted tones though, definitely makes me think of wintry stream and the words fit your curves beautifully

    • Oh yes!! I hadn’t noticed them before! I used that retrolux filter you mentioned at Eroticon for the first time so I’m still getting used to the detail. I hadn’t spotted that!

  12. Fantastic edit – like you are part of the land x

  13. I love the vintage feel and ‘fingerprint’ scratches in this edit.

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