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I rarely travel with lovers but they’re often with me, in my phone, livening up long journeys…

We’ve been exchanging filthy messages throughout our train journeys, his to Bristol, mine to Wales. I’m tucked into a seat by the window, bags piled up on the seat next to me to hide my hand wedged down the front of my jeans. As the train slows to halt, a cock shot appears on my screen and I orgasm. I never thought I’d come in Crewe station.

I don’t notice the gridlocked road between Entebbe Airport and Mulago in Kampala, I’m too busy recounting the story of my night flight. My thumbs fill the screen with details of what my fingers were doing, 35,000ft above Sudan. How I felt too vulnerable with my night mask lowered to enjoy masturbating, yet when I pushed it up to observe my fellow passengers sleeping the orgasm was quick to come.

I arrange the Rambutan, snap some photos and press send. The images arrive seconds later to recipient in a city in Eastern Europe. The following morning I grab the bag of fruit and head out into the Jakarta smog. Later I giggle to myself as I idly peel away rind, pop the flesh in my mouth and think about where they’ve been.

I arrive in Addis Ababa tired, hungover and sick. I’ve travelled through the night the day after a university reunion and I have a cold. The whole team heads out for injera but I crawl into bed. I’m feeling sorry for myself. As I’m drifting off my phone lights up. A cock shot from home always make me smile. And this one is magnificent.

We just made our connection in Qatar, our kit didn’t. A tyre blows on the long road out of Dar Es Salaam. Twenty four hours after leaving home we pull into the hospital compound. A huge mosquito breeding tent is pointed out to me. It turns out it’s one of the biggest malaria research sites in the world. I text a new man in my life – he’s a bioinformatician specialising in mosquitos. He’s more excited by this news than he is by photos of my tits. That one doesn’t last.

He’s been sending me videos of himself wanking. They are hot. I’ve wanted to come all weekend but I’ve been on a creaky camp bed in my friend’s lounge and drinking wine and playing with her puppy has taken precedence. Sunday afternoon and I ease into a huge first class seat on the train back to London. I arrange my coat over my lap and tell him I’m going to watch his film and make sure I come before he does. Time passes and he texts: “Tell me when you’ve come.” “Oh, I already have. I’m eating the free cake now.”

“Good morning to you (when you rise and shine!)… current status…pretending to be planning a client workshop, actually taking photos of my cunt on a train…”
“OMG you’re the best! ???”

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  1. Marie Rebelle

    The memory from 2015 made me chuckle and those images made me drool!
    Rebel xox

  2. Life of Elliott...

    I really enjoyed this post, reading your travel adventures, and such a naughty traveler.

  3. missy

    I loved this. It was like looking through a photo album and being able to know the story behind the pictures. The way you have written is a beautiful reminder of the things you have experienced and the way you have been together even when you weren’t. missy ?

  4. Molly

    I need more train journeys it would seem. I have always wanted to masturbate on a plane but so far never managed it. I plan to achieve it one day though

  5. 365dniwobiektywielg

    Even it looks nice

  6. Dave

    So so hot.
    I remember this being one of the first posts
    I read from you. Such a turn on!
    And it reminds me of the book Cows by Dawn Porter. Enjoy the thrill but don’t get caught.

    • exposing

      Oh God. Yes that book!!!! ?

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