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The Old Age of Youth

“Forty is the old age of youth”  Victor Hugo

This week my gorgeous friend joined the old age of youth. Welcome! This decade rocks and you’re rocking it!

Sinful Sunday


  1. Molly

    Happy birthday to your friend. I hope she loves this image, she should because she looks almost regal in it sitting in that tree and I love that her hair is the same colour as the carpet of leaves

  2. missy

    i love the contrast of the soft with the rugged. Very sexy 🙂

  3. mariasibylla

    This is stunning! I love the colors and the pose. She looks like a beautiful wood nymph.

  4. Violet

    Queen of the forest! Happy birthday to her and hats off to you for a gorgeous image!

  5. painaspleasure

    Well, if she’s looking to rock being 40, she’s off to a great start

  6. dayliacatt

    This is beautiful. Stunning picture xx

  7. silverdomuk

    Loving the contrast of her softness with the harshness of the dead leaves. Beautiful image of a beautiful woman.

  8. Modesty Ablaze (@ablazingmodesty)

    Gorgeous . . . gorgeous photo . . . gorgeous location . . . gorgeous photo !!!
    Xxx – K

  9. Cara Thereon

    Happy birthday to her! A gorgeous shot to honor the moment

  10. kittykatsbitsandbobs

    Beautiful image! Her hair and the leaves work so well together! Love it. And happy birthday to your pal x

  11. LittleSwitchBitch

    I actually want to put wings on her – she looks a sexy wood nymph x

  12. Submiss34F

    She has such a perfect alabaster skin against that rough tree. Lovely.
    Missy x

  13. Kilted Wookie (@Kilted_Wookie)

    Thank you for taking and sharing this, and thank you to your friend for posing for it. It just seems so natural. I couls almost imagine walking through the woods and stumbling upon this scene.

  14. Jo

    What a stunner of a shot! She looks like she belongs to the woods – like she’s always been a part of them.

  15. mmalflic

    i always admire your pictures and thisbone is not exception. Stunning and wonderful.

  16. Sweetgirl

    Wonderful image and setting … absolutely stunning

  17. tabitharayne

    Woohoo! Welcome to the best club ever ???

  18. Indigo

    Your friend looks very natural in this setting. It is a glorious photo and what a way to celebrate her 40th! Well done and thanks for sharing both of you!

  19. Accidental Masturbator

    Great perspective and colour.
    (Sexy subject too.)

  20. Marie Rebelle

    Rebel xox

  21. MPB

    This is a beautiful photo xx

  22. sub-Bee

    Well hello fellow wood nymph, you look beautiful sitting there in a sea of auburn.

  23. sassycoupleok

    There was once an old movie called Splendor in The Grass. This is Splendor in The Woods. The contrast of bare flesh against a backdrop of all things natural is quite stunning and beautiful. Ms. K

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