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Look closely; cold steel
Reflecting a warmer skin.
Soft flesh, wryest smile.


So, @19syllables and I have been collaborating for longer than we thought! Last week when we were brainstorming mirror ideas she said: ‘What about that kettle photo you tweeted?’
It turned out to be a toaster, but gosh, she’s got a loooooong memory! I tweeted this photo in May 2015, a whole two months before we actually met! When I expanded the replies to the original tweet I noticed she’d tweeted the above haiku at me, which neither of us remember. So there you are, discarded photos and haikus, idly tweeted, quickly forgotten, but resurrected in the dying days of February Photo Fest!
Side note: I know this isn’t technically a mirror but it’s a reflective surface so I’m taking this one; it’s the 27th February and my creative reserves are running low…

February Photofest


  1. joradam

    Your creative low? Both the picture and the haiku are so imaginative.
    Great post, thank you!

  2. mariasibylla

    This is fantastic! I love it! And I love that it is a memory you two shared almost before you were making memories!

  3. 365dniwobiektywielg

    But you hid behind the cups.

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