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Today I’m delighted to have Eye as a burst of sunshine on my #febphotofest. This photo was taken back in September the morning after a very late night where three of us had talked until about 6am!
Eye has already shared a few of the shots from that day and I have one I love lined up for a certain big birthday that’s round the corner for her. *cough* Bring your birthday pants to Eroticon everyone! *cough*
But while you wait for the birthday photo, enjoy this one of her captured in the sunburst mirror outside my office.

February Photofest


  1. eye

    Such a fabulous picture and reminder of a great time too ?

  2. kinkyandperky

    What a stunning pic. Wonderful composition. That contrast between the atmospheric ‘gloom’ of the wall/frame and the bright and lovely content of the mirror.
    Also fab mirror! Xx

  3. Elliott Henry (@ElliottHenry5)

    I knew the moment I saw that photo on Twitter when it was a thumbnail it was Eye! A scrumptious filling for an unusual mirror. Nice work.

  4. sassycoupleok

    Why is it that some images simply leave you a bit mesmerized ??? Lovely <3

  5. books1799

    You ladies have such fun. Fabulous picture of Eye, who looks as magnificent as always.

  6. 365dniwobiektywielg

    beautiful feminine body

  7. sadmatt

    Great pic!

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